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So what is an outfit formula? If you pay attention to stylish women, they usually wear the same things frequently. For example; Kim Kardashian likes wearing a blazer, t-shirt, jeans, and heels.  Many chic women wear outfits like these. You do not wear the same garments every day, but you consistently wear your clothes similarly. This phenomenon is called an outfit formula. Image result for kim kardashian blazer outfit We each have our personal styles, and we always aim to look chic and polished, but sometimes we do not have the time to spend deliberating on a unique outfit because we are in a rush. Hence; it is a phenomenal idea for you to familiarize yourself with some outfit formula’s that will make getting dressed very easy during those days that you are rushing. There are many traditional chic outfit formulas that you can incorporate into your style, and you can build your entire wardrobe around these outfit formulas. I will discuss 10 chic outfit formulas that never fails. Blazer + Shirt + Pants/Skirt Clothing Nordstrom Pleated Skirt+ Crop Top/Sweater Skirt ASOS Simple Dress + Statement Necklace Dress-Nordstrom: Necklace-Aldo Denim Shirt/Jacket+ Black Jeans/Skirt/Dress + Leopard Print Shoes White Shirt + Moto Jacket + Denim Morning Suede Moto Jacket, Main, color, Coffee Bean Moto Jacket: Nordstrom All Black Clothing with Statement Shoes Striped Top + Colorful Pants/Skirt +Leopard Print Shoes Blue Denim Button Down + White Pants/Skirt White Button Down + Pants/Skirt Top Everlane Monochromatic Clothing Clothing: Everlane


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