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10 Essentials For A Luxurious Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the essential rooms in the home, and unfortunately, it tends to get neglected and become the least glamorous room in the house. We pamper ourselves there; we brush our teeth, do our hair, makeup, and many more private stuff. Thus we should spend as much time as we can to make it just as luxurious. Your bathroom should be comfortable as well as stylish. Therefore I will include the bathroom essentials with added tips on what pieces and colors to choose to make the bathroom elegant and luxurious.

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Bath Mat

An absorbent bath mat on the floor in front of your shower will keep you from slipping and prevent your bathroom floor from getting wet. Choose a color palette that you can build on the rest of your bathroom decor.

Shower Curtain/Liner

If your bathtub has a glass door, you’ll need a shower curtain and a curtain liner for added privacy.


You’ll need a set of hand towels for you and your guests to wipe their hands as well as bath towels. For a luxurious look, white towels are best.


You’ll need ample storage spaces for your towels and other bathroom items. You can get creative by using etageres, tables, and you can add a shelf in the area behind the toilet.

Toothbrush Holder

Avoid having your toothbrush lying next to the sink where it can collect germs and invest in a toothbrush holder where you can conceal the top.

Handsoap Sleeve Holder

Most people own, and many places hold refillable hand soap dispensers. Every time you refill the container, you introduce more and more bacteria into the soap. Bulk-soap-refillable dispensers are prone to extrinsic bacterial contamination, and recent studies have also shown that approximately 25% of dispensers in public restrooms are contaminated. My solution to this is to purchase bottles of soap + handsoap sleeve holder. Bath and Bodyworks are the only place that is popular for this holder and you can get creative by using any rectangular holder.

Soap Holders, Soap Sleeves & Soap Covers | Bath & Body Works


Instead of having your flossers, hair ties, q-tips, cotton balls, and other essentials lying around inside of your drawers, you can put them in stylish and glamorous canisters.

Shower Caddy

Shower caddies are the best tools invented for the shower. Shower caddied are useful storage tools for the shower. You cans tore your shampoos, body wash, and many more.


Your bathroom should have a small to medium-sized hamper to throw your dirty bath towels, hand towels, and more.


One of the things that we all love about hotel bathrooms is the smell. You can achieve the same aroma by investing in a scenting device such as a diffuser or wax melt.


If you want to go through the extra step of making your bathroom feel so comfy and luxe. Add a hidden Bluetooth player. You can listen to music while bathing, doing your makeup or grooming.


Wall Art

Wall Art can make your bathroom look more stylish but should be sealed in glass because the bathroom will be prone to steam and moisture, and you don’t want your art leaking in your walls.


Good lighting in your bathroom is essential. If you do your beauty and grooming tasks in the bathroom, some lightening on the sides or surrounding your mirror will do you some good. You want a light that mimics natural light, so choose lights that with white shades or frost. You want to select lightbulbs that don’t just illuminate cool light but are also energy efficient. All lighting in your home should be energy efficient. The best light that meets these criteria is Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). LEDs are durable and have low energy usage, aren’t affected by humidity, and put out a meager amount of heat. The Suggested Total Brightness Level is 4,000 to 8,000 Lumens. The Color Temperature recommendation is 3000-5000K, lower temperature bulbs produce warm-whites, similar to a fire. In contrast, medium temperature bulbs produce neutral-whites, and higher temperature bulbs produce cool-whites or mimic daylight.


You can have many mirrors in your bathroom. I recommend having a length mirror in addition to the mirror above the sink. Having a mirror opposite the primary mirror can also help you see the back of your head and also give your bathroom more light.


Adding some green plants or ferns will make your bathroom look a little more luxurious and comfy.

In conclusion, luxury bathrooms don’t necessarily have to be all about monochrome or neutral colors. Still, lighter colors with a hint of pops of colors do give you a luxury vibe. There are many ways to creatively decorate your bathroom, such as adding a shelf behind the toiler and using canisters. Most importantly, it is lightening; there is a huge reason why everyone looks so good in a hotel bathroom, simulate the same experience.


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