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90’s fashion was terrific because it consisted of clothing that was well made and somewhat minimalistic. The 90’s fashion trend was also very wearable, practical, and universal on many body types and shapes. Achieving a 90’s trend in today’s contemporary society can be tricky and unflattering and requires creativity. The key is to mix the 90’s fashion trends with 2020’s styles, such as wearing a slip dress with a puff sleeve top underneath and combat boots with hoop earrings.

90’s Fashion Trend Essentials~ Slip Dresses

In the ’90s, slip dresses were worn as a layering piece with a shirt underneath. This style is very flattering on many women. You can purchase 100% silk, satin, velvet, cotton, or any fabric you like.

90’s Fashion Trend Essentials~Knit Tops

Slip dresses, as mentioned above in the ’90s, were worn as a layering piece. To achieve this look, you need a few knit tops. You can either match the knits to the dresses or opt for more neutral colors. Cotton t-shirts and slip dresses are very classic and flattering. You can also wear thin sweaters under the dresses. You can also throw on a graphic tee underneath for a concert or just a casual look.

90’s Fashion Trend Essentials ~ Oversized Jackets

In the 90’s we saw many gals and gents wearing big jackets and boxy blazers.

90’s Fashion Trend Essentials~ Slip skirts

Slip skirts are gorgeous and were a thing in the ’90s and made a massive return in 2019.

90’s Fashion Trend Essentials~ Turtle Neck/Mock Neck

Turtle necks are another piece of clothing trendy in the ’90s that is also flattering on all women for the most part. You can pair a long sleeve turtle necks with a slip skirt, or under a slip dress in the winter or a mock neck in the summer.

90’s Fashion Trend Essentials~ Crop Tops

Crop tops are perhaps one of the most defining fashion trends in the ’90s and can easily be worn today with mom jeans or flared pants. Today you can find these short pieces of clothing everywhere and in many styles, from very basic knits to puff sleeves.

90’s Fashion Trend Essentials~Overalls

Overalls were a massive trend in the ’90s, and both men and women wore this extended piece of garment. You can wear your overalls with a crop top, a flannel, a blouse, or any knit top underneath. You can also wear it one shoulder, two shoulders, or on dropped to your waist.

90’s Fashion Trend Essentials- Flared Bottoms

In 2019 we saw a massive return of flared pants and jeans. Flared pants, flared jeans, or any baggy jeans are the perfect wardrobe pieces to achieve a 90’s look.

90’s Fashion Trend Essentials-Combat Boots

We’ve seen combat boots come and go in fashion, so never get rid of yours because not only were they were trendy in the ’90s, but they are also trending in 2020 more prominent and more flattering styles.

90’s Fashion Trend ~ Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings were fashionable in the ’90s, and the bigger, the better.

There were so many different trends from the ’90s, and a lot of them continually returns every season. I picked the ones that I found most flattering and uncomplicated to recreate and incorporate into today’s contemporary trends. What do you think about these ten 90’s fashion essentials, and what would add to the list?


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