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What makeup item is a staple item in your beauty routine before you go out of the door? Everyone has that one make up goods such as lipstick, eyeshadow, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, etc., they cannot live without, and many people know precisely what cosmetic brands offer that item precisely how they like it. If you are like me and enjoy testing new products or you are just starting to explore cosmetics, then I have a list of 10 of the best make up brands for you to try.

Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier is a famous makeup artist, who makes an astonishing collection of makeups. Many of the products in her makeup line have received awards, such as the Tinted Moisturizer, which has frequently been named one of the best ones out there.


bareMinerals cosmetics became famous because of their skin-loving formulas. Their products are pure and natural so that your skin can remain beautiful and free of blemishe without makeup.


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Lancome is one of the legendary cosmetic brands and they continuously make excellent makeup products today.


MAC was founded in 1984 and is widely known for its creativity with many different colors; it’s on trend makeups and diversity of skins.

Urban Decay

Naked Cherry in color

Urban Decay is edgelike and a cult label with many fans. Urban Decay is recognized for its iconic Naked Palettes, high-performance formulations, and vibrant color blasts.


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Sephora is one of the best beauty stores to purchase your makeups aside from Ulta. They sell an excellent assortment of products from top cosmetics brands, including its in-house range, Sephora Collection that is very affordable and well formulated.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

If you are looking for a makeup that will give you beautiful and light coverage, Fenty Beauty is for you. Fenty Beauty products are intended to feel lightweight, even as they produce buildable coverage that effortlessly layers, to conclusively “make skin look like skin.”

Yves Saint Laurent

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Yve Saint Laurent is one of the best in the cosmetic industry for high-quality beauty products. They sell lightweight foundations similarly to Fenty Beauty, luscious lipsticks, full mascaras, and luxurious eyeliners.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

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Elf or “eye, lips, face,” sells an assortment of high-quality makeup products at a very cost-friendly price.


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NYX, similarly to MAC sell a variety of quality, rich pigments. Additionally, they are very affordable, and they do an excellent job of keeping up with the trends.

What is your favorite make up brand? 


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