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White and Black BarcodeToday with just $20 in our bank account, we can go to a store and readily purchase an outfit for an evening.  You can now easily procure the same trends and outfits that you see on the runway at a more than a fraction of the price. I have noticed that if you go to some stores this week and you see an outfit, it disappears when you go there the next week. Have risen and vastly expanded, is fast fashion. Fast fashion stores concentrate on trending clothing versus quality clothing. Fast fashion brands are not reproducing the materials that sell well as slow fashion brands do. Alternatively, they send the items that do not sell to third world countries. Whatever clothing that doesn’t get used gets thrown away and this is causing terrible distress on the environment. It is very tempting to purchase that t-shirt for $5.00 even though you know it won’t last because it is just $5.00. However; acquiring lower quality clothing costs you a lot more than you think;  fabric pills easily, buttons fall off, the cotton materials fade and you find yourself shopping a lot more not because you want to but because you have to. Many of us do not like to wear clothes that look cheap and shopping at fast fashion stores like Shein, Zaful, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Missguided, Forever 21, H&M   plus many more will provide you the temporary, expensive look that you’re searching for, however, you will regularly have to purchase clothes to sustain the lifestyle. At one point my favorite clothing stores were Forever 21, H&M, Shein, Rue21, occasionally Alie Express and I had about three closets full of clothes. The thing with having so many clothes is that you tend to wear your favorite pieces a lot more and my favorite articles of clothing have always been the cotton crop tops, the cotton skirts, and the basic jeans. I have purchased more than enough skirt or jeans from forever21 to replace the ones that faded, and I regret the money I wasted. The best decision I made was to reconstruct my wardrobe with essentials and high-quality articles of clothing.  My closet has decreased which has made it much simpler for me to get dressed in the morning. When I had a lot of clothes, I would spend hours looking for an outfit, and I still wouldn’t be completely content with my gear. It has been such a relief that I have discovered my personal style and purchased all of my wardrobe staples. Several of us have the misconception that you have to break the bank to purchase high-quality clothing, and that isn’t the case. When shopping for my wardrobe staples, I wanted to buy a high-quality white t-shirt that was under $20.  Every website I searched, was giving me shirts for $70-100 and I knew that it was not the price I was willing to spend on a t-shirt. I eventually discovered Everlane that sold their T-shirt for $15, after further research I found Pact organic that sold their white T-shirt for $16 and will always have a $7.00 sale. Everlane and Pact make incredibly high-quality clothing. There I learned that I did not have to break the bank to rebuild my closet. I will share with you 10 places to buy high-quality clothing without breaking the bank. It is to be noted that many of these stores are expensive but they have amazing clearance racks and weekly sales. Nordstrom Rack My absolute favorite store to buy quality clothing is Nordstrom Rack. You can find clothes for nearly every occasion. It is the best place to find high-end designer clothing and accessories at huge discounts. Their shoe and handbag selection is just as affordable and well-made as their shirts, dresses, outerwear, and jeans. Everlane The prices are excellent, and the clothes are not only beautiful but ethically made. Their quality is outstanding and compares to expensive high-end brands. Some items such as their jeans can be costly, but you receive a well-made and high-quality garment for a fair price tag. I love their silk shirts. Pact Organic PACT Organic Clothing is Fair Trade Certified, and they make their clothing using organic cotton.  The organic cotton is very sturdy and soft. The clothing withstands daily wear. Pact organic is an incredible brand for your basics. Aritzia Aritzia is a Canadian brand has ventured out to the USA. Their style is minimalistic and comfortable to wear which makes it a perfect brand to help build a capsule or minimalist wardrobe. Some items are expensive but there is always a good sale and, the quality is astounding. Farfetch Farfetch is a fantastic service that instantly connects you to many online boutiques. It is a bit more on the expensive side, but overall it’s good quality clothing. This is another one of those websites that you can type something you want or need Google you can search the Internet, and it will most likely pull it up direct you to the designer. As usual, there are amazing sales weekly. Last Call Neiman Marcus Last Call has an incredible selection of high-end clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, jewelry, and home goods available at astonishing discount prices.  They always have a coupon for an additional amount off, and you get $10 just for signing up for an email subscription. Last Call reminds me of a fancier TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack.  It has convenient prices for very high-end merchandise, and the quality is just as good as Neiman Marcus. Saks Off Fifth If you’re a fan of Nordstrom Rack, then you’ll love Saks Off Fifth. It’s an outlet for designer clothing and accessories. Therefore you can find some great deals. They have a great selection of designer items at discounted prices. You will find designer jeans for $20-40. At Saks Off Fith you can find many different types of products like handbags at incredible prices.  Macy’s Macy’s is a department store that I think everyone in America can recognize. The prices are sometimes high. However, their products, especially clothing, are of high quality and they always have large clearance sections. J Crew Factory J. Crew brand is classy, sophisticated, and timeless. You can trust that clothing you buy from J. Crew will last forever. The factory always has amazing sales, so if you are unable to article of clothing that is a bit expensive, you should be able to get a good deal at the factory at some point.  J Crew is a fantastic store for your basics. TJ Maxx TJ Maxx reminds me of Wal-Mart where you go in for one particular thing but make a purchase of over $100. They buy remaining inventory that high-end brands can’t sell or is out of season and sell it at a lower price. The items are of excellent quality and well priced. Tj Maxx has everything you need and everything you didn’t know you needed. Rue La La Everything you need from clothes for women, men, kids and home goods and Beauty you can find at Rue La La. They have remarkably good sales on expensive high-end brands products that are currently in stores.The only con is that shipping is $9.95, but you do receive 30 days of free shipping after the initial purchase. Century 21 Century 21 reminds me of TJ Maxx but with a higher selection of designer brands at affordable prices.  The quality is amazing as well.


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