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What is brunch? Brunch is a typically a late morning meal that is a combination of breakfast and lunch and is eaten between breakfast and lunch from about 12-2pm. Brunch is generally served with alcohol such as champagne (such as the famous mimosas) or a cocktail such as the favorite margaritas. You may frequently hear of Sunday brunch which is brunch on a Sunday. Most people who get drunk on Saturday night, wake up Sunday and enjoy a delicious breakfast and mimosas.

There are many outfit options for brunches depending on your style types. The key is to dress appropriately and comfortably; most women opt for dressing chic and feminine. When in doubt, throw on anything fun such as bright colors or florals.

Brunch Outfit #1: Maxi Dress + Flats or Sandals

Perhaps the most accessible outfit for brunch is to throw on your favorite casual maxi dress. In the summer you can wear your strapless maxi dress with sandals , wedges or flats and in the winter you can wear a maxi sweater dress with ankle boots or flats. Whether in the summer or winter, lighter and brighter colors look amazing for brunch.

Brunch Outfit #2: Short or Long Floral Dress + Flats, Pumps or Sandals

Another safe outfit idea for brunch is florals. Florals are very popular in spring and summer, and they will never go out of style. The key to wearing florals every season is to choose a trending floral pattern and colors and style that is suitable for your personal style type — florals in general look particularly chic with nude shoes.

Brunch Outfit #3: Floral Shirt + Denim Shorts or Pants

Alternatively, instead of wearing a floral dress to brunch, you can wear a floral blouse with regular skinny jeans or shorts. Pair this with cute pumps, heel sandals, boots or even flats.

Brunch Outfit #4: High-waist flared pants + Top

High-waist and wide legged trousers are perfect for brunch.

Brunch Outfit #5: White Tee + Trousers , Jeans, or Skirt

A casual option for brunch is white t-shirts, this could be graphic or just plain. Pair those with jeans, you can dress down a skirt with a graphic tee, a rule of thumb to look instatly stylish and a bit dressier is to tuck in your t-shirt in your pants or skirts.

Brunch Outfit #6: Duster jacket or coat + T-shirt + Jeans

A lightweight duster jacket is perfect for early fall, summer and spring and a duster coat is ideal for the late fall months and winter. There is something about a duster jacket/coat that makes you look, stylish, effortless, unbothered and like a million dollar, which is why you’ll find a lot of celebrities wearing long jackets all of the time. You can be wearing sweats or leggings under your duster jacket and still look so stylish and expensive.

Brunch Outfit #7: Oversized sweater + leggings or Jeans

An oversized sweater with leggings or skinny jeans will always be in trend. You can always wear an over-sized sweater and still look stylish but yet warm and comfortable. This outfit is perfect for brunch during the fall or winter. You can add a scarf and crossbody bag to enhance your look even more.

Brunch Outfit #8: White Pants + Denim Shirt

White jeans with blue colored denim shirt always look stylish and chic. Additionally, white jeans and a blue denim shirt is a simple outfit to wear to any occasion where you are allowed to dress a bit casual. It is also one of the perfect outfits for brunch. Pair this outfit with nude, leopard, red, pink or any colorful shoes or handbag for a chic and stylish look.

Brunch Outfit #9: Shirt dress + sneakers or flats

Sometimes you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your outfit- you either have a hungover, or you didn’t feel like getting up in the first place__ throw on a cute shirt dress with some sneakers, flats or boots for brunch.

Brunch Outfit #10: Colorful Blazer + t-shirt + jeans or shorts

Every woman should own a classic blazer. It can be crop, ruched, boyfriend, made of wool, silk or however you like it. Colorful blazers such as the pink and blue ones below are perfect for brunch; they can easily dress up your jeans and shorts. Pair those with nude shoes, and you’re guaranteed to look chic.

In conclusion, brunch can be one of those occasions, dates or affairs that make you struggle to dress because brunch times are typically happening late morning or early in the afternoon and we don’t want to be over or underdressed. Since brunch is between breakfast and lunch and sometimes you can also attend it wearing your work outfit. When their uncertainty, wear bright colors or florals. I hope these 10 brunch outfit ideas were constructive. Comment your thoughts below.

What is your favorite outfit to wear to brunch?


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