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A white T-shirt is a closet essential that will eternally be in style. Historically t-shirts have been worn chiefly with jeans and sneakers, but in the past couple of years, the fashion industry has been making more use of t-shirts, notably a white t-shirt. You can wear your white t-shirt casually or professionally with the right bottoms, outer layer or accessories. Here are 10 ways you can wear a white T-shirt and still stylish. Under Moto Jacket My favorite way to wear a white Tee is under my moto Jacket. Moto Jackets makes any outfit edgy and stylish concurrently. If you’re wearing a white tee and leggings and you need to make a run to the store, throw on your moto jacket, and you’ll instantly stand out in the crowd. Moto Jackets Nordstrom Under Blazer My second favorite way to wear a white T-shirt is beneath a blazer. If you want to opt for a white t-shirt instead of a classic blouse for work, you can effortlessly throw on your blazer, and you will still look professional. You can also dress up your white t-shirt and jeans with a blazer and pumps for casual Fridays at work or a non-formal dinner with friends and family. Blazers Nordstrom Fully Tucked In Jeans An easy way to instantly upgrade your casual t-shirt and jeans outfit is one; to tuck your shirt into your jeans and two, wear a statement belt. Additionally, you can wear a scarf or a hat to dress up your basic t-shirt and jeans attire. T-shirt Everlane Tie A Flannel Shirt At Your Waist My favorite summer casual look is wearing my white t-shirt and jeans with my flannel plaid shirt tied at the waist. This look is effortlessly chic and makes you look like you put so much thought into your outfit when you only took a shirt and tied it at your waist. This look is also practical because during the summer it is usually a little too hot to wear your long sleeve flannel, so why not just tie it at your waist. Slide View: 1: Truly Madly Deeply Off-The-Shoulder Tee Shirt Urban Outfitter  With  Dressy Skirt You can dress up your white t-shirt by wearing a dressy skirt or dress down your elegant skirt by sporting a white t-shirt with it. How chic is that? Shirt Everlane, Target With  Tie Waist Trousers My super favorite type of pants to wear with a white t-shirt is a tie waist trouser or as they also call it paper-bag waist pants.  You take a trouser that is dressy, chic with extra details and dresses it down with your white t-shirt. Additionally, you can also wear wide leg trousers with your white t-shirt. Image of Socialite Paperbag Waist Tie Trousers Trousers Nordstrom Rack With  Denim Shorts Wearing a white T-shirt with shorts is classic and will never go out of style. Do a half tuck or fully tucked with a belt to look even chicer. Slide View: 3: UO The Mom V-Neck Tee Shirt Urban Outfitters You can Tie it In Knot Another chic way to wear your white t-shirt is to tie it into a not. You can fasten your shirt in the front, back, sides. It looks chic any way you tie it, and this will immediately elevate your outfit. Slide View: 2: UO The Little Brother Tee Shirt Urban Outfitters With white jeans Monochromatic looks are timeless, and there is something about white on white that makes you look expensive, stylish and classy. Slide View: 1: Levi’s 501 Skinny Jean – In The Clouds Levi Jeans UO Black Jeans Black jeans are so universal that you can get away with wearing them even in an office setting. Black jeans instantly dress up your white shirt and take it to the next level. You can dress it up by wearing pumps or dress it down by wearing your converse sneakers. Slide View: 1: BDG Twig Grazer High-Rise Skinny Jean - Black Jeans UO Thank you for reading, don’t forget to subscribe.


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