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attractive, beauty, catwalk Entering the fashion industry without any precedent experience or formal education will seem pretty daunting, but it is entirely achievable with the right tools, tenacity, and self-discipline.  Fashion designers like Tory Burch, and 44-year-old French fashion designer and current creative director of The House of Louis Vuitton Nicolas Ghesquiere are all self-taught fashion designers, proven that it is indeed very possible to become a Fashion Designer without going to fashion school. You can also look at a person like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates whom neither of which finished college. It all boils down to passion, drive, and tenacity. Whether you want to change careers and become a designer full-time, or you want to learn some essential information about your side project you can teach yourself fashion design for sure. I am a proponent of going to fashion design school if you have the funding to do so. However, if you do not, here are 14 books that will help you become a self-taught fashion designer. It is best to read the following books in order as they are ordered from basic fashion design terminology to the final process of creating your fashion design collection and fashion styling if you solely wish to become a stylist. I recommend approaching this as if you’re teaching a class, create quizzes, take tests and practice the craft until you are fully ready to become a fashion designer. Introduction To Fashion Design Books The following books will review Fashion Design terminology, design components and principles, the creative process of inspiration documentation and design experimentation.
  1. The World of Fashion Jay and Ellen Diamond Link
Fashion illustration The following books will describe the evolution of illustration skills for garments/textiles. The books will also explore different traditional media and CAD applications. The books will also include color theory applied to fashion drawing and portfolio development
  1. 9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion  By Nancy Riegelman Link
  2. From Pencil to Pen Tool: Understanding & Creating the Digital Fashion Image  By Amstrong et. al Link
  3. Fashion Illustration For Designers by Kathryn Hagen Link
Textile and Fashion The following book describes analysis and high-level use of computer-aided design software for textile and fashion design for various markets. It will help you with digital presentation and development of your fashion design portfolio. Image result for Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design by Suzanne Lazear Link
  1. Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design by Suzanne Lazear Link
Pattern Making  The following book will teach you how to make a pattern which is is the template where you trace parts of a garment onto fabric before sewing. Image result for pattern making for fashion design
  1. Patternmaking For Fashion Design by Helen Joseph Armstrong Link
Draping and Construction The following book will teach you how to design clothing using basic draping methods on industry standard dress forms.
  1. Draping The Complete Course by  Karolyn Diesel Link
Garment Construction This book will teach you basic principles of clothing construction, and you will learn concepts such as pattern, fabric, and equipment selection. Image result for the new sewing essentials singer
  1. The New Sewing Essentials by Singer Link
Creating Your Fashion Collection The following books will guide you through the process of inspiration documentation, design experimentation, as well as the apparel production process that is being practiced in the fashion industry.
  1. Research and Design for Fashion By  Simon Seivewright Link
  2. Creating a Successful Fashion Collection: Everything You Need to Develop a Great Line and Portfolio by Steven Faerm Link
  3. The Ultimate Fashion Study Guide The Design Proces by Victoria Hunter Link
  4. How to Create Your Final Collection by Mark Atkinson Link
Fashion Styling The following book will help you understand the idea of stylizing garments or outfits to create a particular image or identify as a marketing tool for businesses, brands, and publications.
  1. Dress Smart: A Guide To Effective Personal Packaging by Sandi Bruns Link


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