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How much effort do you put on your attire when you’re going out with your girlfriends? Do you throw on any t-shirt and jeans or do you make an effort to look your best? I hope the answers are yes because whether you’re just going to a nice bar, a burger joint or to brunch, you should make an effort to look fabulous as you never know who you can run into (especially my single ladies). When you look great, you feel marvelous, and when you feel amazing, there is such an air of positive energy around you that will spread to your environment, and you will have a good time regardless of the setting.

There are different colors and outfits that you can wear for a casual night out, for a summer night out, for a night out at the bar or for winter night outs.  The key to always looking stylish and beautiful is to understand your personal fashion style and practice constructing different outfits and putting pieces together until you can quickly come up with an outfit. The easiest way to construct these outfits is to make sure that you have the proper closet essentials for each season. You begin with your neutral basics and add few colors and on-trend pieces such as boots in winter, rust, red and animal print clothes this fall. 

Casual night out outfit

To create a flawless and chic casual outfit, you can combine fabrics such as denim with elegant and feminine fabrics like chiffon, satin, silk, velvet or cashmere. For just a casual night out to the movies or to watch a football game, you can wear sneakers or flats, and for going out to a restaurant, you can slip on a cute pair of pumps or strappy heeled sandals with your outfit.

Outfit #1: Body-con dress + Sneaker

Basic and solid colored dresses in neutral colors such as white, black, blue and grey are ideal wardrobe staples that you can dress up by wearing some heels or down by wearing sneakers or ballet flats.

Outfit #2: Crop Top + Denim Jeans

An easy summer closet staple is crop tops in a variety of styles and colors to your liking. Crop-tops are attractive with any neutral colored types of denim, and you can wear them with virtually any footwear.

Outfit #3: Blouse+ Jeans + shoes such as boots, pumps, sandals

One of the best trend this fall is leopard print and red. I particularly love this trend because they are neutral colors and additionally, they pair very well with each other. Leopard print and red also have the potential to enhance any outfit.

print and red. I particularly love this trend because they are neutral colors and additionally, they pair very well with each other. Leopard print and red also have the potential to enhance any outfit.

Outfits for going out to bars

The amazing thing about going out to a bar is that the probabilities of what the clothing you can wear is infinite. You can wear heels; you can wear sneakers, you can wear boots, you can wear your biker jacket. Your dress code depends on the type of bar that you’re going to. If you’re going to a sports bar like many people, you can wear your graphics/logo t-shirt with some jeans and throw on your moto jacket. If you are having drinks at a more upscale bar, you may want to wear something a bit dressier, like a little black dress.

Outfit #4: Graphic Tee + Jean (skirt or pants)+ Shoes

An excellent casual outfit formula for the bar is to pair simple white graphic t-shirts with leopard shoes. You will not have to put forth any additional effort to your outfit as this is all chic and stylish all on its own.

Outfit #5:Plaid Shirt + Jeans

Plaid shirts are classic and timeless. Plaid will never go out of style and is a perfect go to for the bar. Plaid on its own is a casual garment, therefore you can dress it up by wearing a dressier shoe.

Outfit #6: Body-con dress + Denim Jacket + Flats, Sneakers or Boots

Another classic go-to outfit is a black dress and denim jacket. You can dress down this pairing even more by wearing sneakers.

Most flattering Sneakers with dresses

Canvas – Canvas shoes like vans, converses are sporty shoes that are perfect for casual wear. They look amazing with simple dresses, in addition to, with jeans and a t-shirt.

Night out outfits summer

Summer is perhaps many peoples favorite season to show off their styles. The colors are also bright and beautiful. A small white or bone leather belt will look good with nearly every summer fashion.

Outfit #7:Crop top+ Pencil Skirt+Heeled Sandals

Many people love summer because the weather is pleasant, they can go to the beach, and there are endless outfits you can create for many different events. Crop tops are amazing staples to have in your closet for summer; they can also transition to the fall and worn under blazers, moto jackets, parka’s  and cardigans.

Outfit #8:Floral shirt + Bottoms (Denim jeans or skirt)

Summer is also associated with passion, and the fabric color that agrees well with romance are florals. You can wear your florals during any season, especially in the summer. Floral shirts are also a lot more versatile than many people give them credit for, you can practically wear floral shirts with any neutral shoes, or you can pick any floral color in your attire and find an identical colored shoe to wear with it.

Outfit #9:White pants + blue top + nude shoes

The classic denim shirt and white pants is an outfit formula that does and will always work.

Outfit #10:Denim Shorts + t-shirt+ Blazer

A blazer adds a dapper elegance that any outfit a woman wears. The outfit here works for many girls night out events. Whether you happen to be going to dinner, a comedy club, concert, or the movies you can throw on this outfit and look stylish as well as expensive.

Best Colors for summer

There are many colors to choose from such as light yellow, lilac, lavender, turquoise, purple, light green, sky blue etc..

Best fabric for summer

Rayon- Rayon was the first manmade fiber, and it looks like silk fabric.

Chiffon- Chiffon fabric is made from rayon, polyester, silk or cotton and is incredibly lightweight.

Linen- Linen fabrics are typically sheer and are a comfortable fabric to wear in the summer. Wide-legged linen pants look extremely chic for brunch.

Silk-Silk is warm and lightweight that is comfortable to wear, fresh in summer, and warm in winter. This versatile fabric looks great with everything.

Cotton- The natural fabric cotton is very comfortable and is perfect for the winter. The fabric is also durable, and it, therefore, washes quite well.

Night out outfits for winter

It may cold in the winter, but it does not mean that you have to sacrifice style. You can wear a sweater with jeans and boots, a sweater with a mini skirt and thigh high boots. Pull-on skirts are perfect for night outs because they are slim, straight and fitted at the waist. A-line skirt is typically fitted at the waistline but flare slightly at the hem and also look dashing with thigh high boots. The fundamental wardrobe essentials you will need for winter fashion are some dark colored clothes, boots based on your specific style, a flattering coat that fits you and your lifestyle, and accessories. I will show you some outfit ideas and then followed by a few clothing and accessories options for your closet.

Outfit #11:Sweater + Leather Pants + Boots

Leather paired with studded Chelsea boots screams biker chick and is ideal for a night out at the bar. Pair this outfit with a cute crossbody that will instantly elevate the look and give it an air of feminity.

Outfit #12:Corduroy Skirt + Thigh High Boots + Sweater

This fall, rust is back and I love pairing rust skirt with all black.

Outfit #13:Sweater + Jeans + Boots

You cannot go wrong with neutral colors in the winter as they all pair very well with one another and whatever other colors you have in your closet. You can wear neutral colored sweaters such as black, grey, rust, army green, and navy with black jeans and black boots. Finish off the look with a charming handbag alike below, and you are guaranteed to look like a fashionista.

Outfit #14: All black

All black is the perfect winter outfit as it is dark, slimming and screams of elegance.

Best colors for winter

In the winter, there are fewer lights, so the days are shorter. Therefore, Winter colors are typically neutral or darker in tone such as winter white, burgundy, royal or navy blue, grey, purple, dark red, rust, brown, etc.

Best coats for winter

Duster Coat- duster coat is a long coat, sometimes kneelength with less deatils than a trench coat. A duster coat is different than duster jacket that is lightweight. For the winter, a duster coat should be thick and similar to a trench coat.

Trench coat- A trench coat is very classic and is universally flattering on women of all shpaes ad sizes. 

Pea Coat- A peacoat similarly to the trench coat is universally flattering and a classic style.  It is typically double. breasted and is sometimes belted

Conventional center front closing with a single button or several buttons.

This jacket is Single-breasted, has bellow pockets on chest and hips,  and a fabric belt. 

Waist or hip length jacket that may or may not have an attached hood. 

Slightly below waist-length jacket with innseam pockets adapted from U.S. Air
Force pilotjackets

puffer coat- Are perfect for casual events

Double-breasted Coats

Similar to the single breasted coat but has a double row of buttons. 
Typically only one set of buttons may actually be functional and  the other ones are decorative

Wrap coat- a coat that is lacking buttons and is instead replaced by a belt. It is similar to the trench , pea and duster coat in style and universality. 

Pull-over jacket. Anoraks sometimes have hood.

Ponchos can be described as geometrical, rectangular or oval shaped jackets that is just 1 piece  of fabric with an opening
cut for the head. 

Sleeveless outer garment with front opening , usually cut in a geometric shape such as a rectangle, circle, or oval. Mayhave slits for the arms.

Western Coats
Western coats or jackets have yoke and breast pocket and are tyoically popular for having  fringes at the sleeves, and hem.

Cold weather accessories

The perfect way to show your individual style and creativity is with winter accessories because you can get very creative with hats, scarves, gloves, stockings ,an jewelry.


The perfect way to make your outfit stand out is to wear a hat to enhance it. Since hats are so appealing, it must be chosen with caution. Choose hats based on hairstyles, the shape of face and size. The big floppy hats look good on most women. If you have long hair, berets is a good option to wear if you have short hair. Beret’s also shortens an oval face, so if you have short necks or round faces avoid wearing berets.


Addition of a scarf to any outfit will make it look so good. You can tie your scarf in many ways by making a faux infinity, by making the side twist or by forming a loop.


Jewelry is also essential as it adds to your outfit and makes you look expensive. Jewelry must also be chosen with extreme care based on the attire and body shape and size. Simple and non-complicated jewelry in Silver and gold color goes with every outfit.  Pearls are classic and look beautiful with a sweater or with a strapless blouse or dress.  Shiney jewelry is best for formal and evening wear. Jewelry with wood and shells are more appropriate for casual outfits.  For women with round face, chunky chokers, short round necklaces, earrings, and round pins will make the face look rounder, therefore to give length to the face, its best to choose long chains and drop earrings. Wear large bracelets and rings to show emphasis on your newly manicured nails.


Gloves displays  elegance and class to every outfit. Leather gloves are ok for formal occasions anytime during the year and mittens and rop-stiched leather gloves are good for casual or sportwear event.


Stockings are great because they add length to a legs when a color close to the skin tone stockings, or when worn with identical colored boots.  The best stockings overall is stockings in a shade that is darker than your skin tone. Dark brown, black stockings look better with clothing of the same color.


For the winter burgundy, black, brown and black are best colors.  Belts must also be chosen based on size, wide belts emphasize waists and give attention to hip and bust and is best for women with long waist.

Best fabric for cold winter

Fabrics are created from natural fibers such as cotton, wool, flax, hemp, silk or manufactured fibers such as polyester, spandex, nylon, rayon. Most fabrics are made by mixing 2 or more fibers. There are three types of fabric construction, and they are knit, woven, and nonwoven. Yarns are looped in multiple different ways, and the final result is the fabric that stretches. Woven fabrics are made by weaving yarns into a pattern and results in a fabric that does not stretch. Non-woven such as felts fabrics are not created by knitting or weaving.

Corduroy is either a cotton or manufactured fiber, constructed from woven. It is typically heavyweight and gives a dressy appearance. Corduroy pants, skirts and jackets are very popular in the winter, particularly in burgundy or rust color.

Leather clothing is made from animal hide and is heavyweight. Leather Jacket or pants are perfect for the winter.

Felt is made from wood or other hair fibers and is constructed from felts. Many winter hats and coats are made from wool.

Best boots for winter

Chelsea boots

ankle pull-on boots  with elastic side panels.

Cowboy boots

a western boots with a  stitched upper, pointy tow and flared open top 

riding boots

knee-high with low heel, designed for riding horses that has become very popular 

Thigh High boots

are over the knee and look very flattering with mini skirts.

Wedge boots- are perfect for the bar or a concert in the winter

Combat boots- usually have a lot of hardwares and is perfect for casual events in the winter

My overall advice when dressing for any event is always to dress comfortably and based on your style. A style defines your style of clothing that has a different and classic design, appearance, or and should not be confused by fad or fashion. For example; bootcut jeans are currently not trending, but if that is your style and a piece of clothing that you love, you can still wear it fashionably.

Fashion is the current type of clothing that is on trend and is favored by the majority of the population, and this typically is discovered due to fashion shows. A fad which I do not recommend spending a lot of money on is a fashion that is temporary, and you will probably never see it again.

It is best to always invest in classic items for your wardrobe because they are clothing that will always look stylish regardless of the current trend such as the white tee, the white button down, the black blazer, the little black dress, the black pumps, etc. Getting dressed to attend a girls night out should be fun, and I hope these outfit ideas will help you look comfortable and stylish on your girls night out.

What do you think about these girls night out outfits? Which season fashions is your favorite?


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