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What spring 2020 trend have you been eying and cannot wait to get your hands on? There are so many trends this year that many of us will love this year; from sheer, crochet, florals, graphic polka dots, ruffles, puff sleeves, leather to denim on denim, bold prints, harem pants, bright neons, and more. I love the majority of this year’s trend, to be honest, and I have incorporated 1 or 2 pieces from each category into my closet. You should include 1 or 2 pieces in any category you like as well.

The best way to keep your closet up to date and stylish is to have the majority of your wardrobe consisting of high-quality classic pieces with a few trendy pieces each season. Try to avoid spending so much money on trends because they are trends and may not be here next season. Affordability is different for everyone. When picking out the clothes, I aim for anything under $35, with the majority of the pieces under $15-20. Let us get to the 28 Super Affordable Spring 2020 clothes starting with blazer sets.

Blazer Sets

One of the trends I love in 2020 is blazer sets. I love the sophisticated, classy, and professional look of a matching blazer sets. In the last couple of years, we saw this trend with sheer or lace bodysuits underneath. In 2020 the tendency is to wear a bra or bandeau underneath. I am here for it all.

Sheer Tops and Blouses

Another trend I am loving is shear. You can make this work professionally by wearing a full tank top underneath with a blazer on top and for a night out by just wearing your bra or a bandeau.


Puff sleeves were here 2019, and in 2020 they have gotten bigger, so there are options for everyone. There is something about this look that is so feminine and romantic, as is many of the 2020 trends.


Florals have never been out of trend, but what we see each year are different patterns, sizes, and colors.


In 2020 you can wear your leather throughout the entire year. There are no limits, and I am here for the look. In the spring where it may still be cold, you can opt for colors such as brown and black, and in the summer you can go wild and maybe get some neons and pastels.


Ruffles will elevate any outfit. Instead of your regular button-down, switch to ruffles and watch your outfit transform from basic to chic.


These slits are very generous compared to the actual slit trend. In 2020, slits are just a bit past the crotch. It is very sexy.


Corsets are universally flattering on all women, so I think this trend will work for many. It sinches your waist and gives your look more definition.

5 Dollars

Don’t we all love a good deal? Check out these fantastic pieces from amazon for 5 dollars.

I hope you are just as excited about 2020 as I am. There are some amazing fashion trends, and I think everyone should be able to find one and add to their closet. Which of these 28 pieces will you buy?


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