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Have you ever seen a dress look stylish and flawless on one person but looks terrible on another person? Or have you ever seen an outfit on someone and rush to buy it but on you it just doesn’t seem right? These written issues are typically due to body type or shape and proportions. Comprehending your body shape and understanding the types of clothes that will strengthen your excellent features and depreciate your less than perfect areas will guarantee that you dress in a way that suits you exceptionally well and will sequentially make you feel confident in your clothing. Knowing your body shape isn’t the same as knowing or accepting your current weight because despite how much you weigh, you will inevitably fit into a particular body shape category.

The 5 Most Common Female Body Shapes

Apple Body Shape

The apple or rounded body shape typically has ample bust, a full and generally short waist and sometimes a rounded tummy and rounded back.

Pear Body Shape

The pear body shape has a slim shoulder and bust followed by wider hips and thighs that is much bigger than the top part.

Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass body shape has a perfect proportion between the uppermost and lower body with a slim and an extremely well-defined waist.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

An inverted triangle body shape has a top part of the body that is larger that the bottom portion. The bust tends to be proportionally big and the hips are tiny.

Rectangle Body Shape

A rectangular body shape has an undefined waist and the curves are symmetrically proportioned.

The 3 Easy Strategies To Dress For Your Body Shape

#1: Choose the right clothing for your body shape

The most critical concern for all body shapes is to avoid wearing clothing that doesn’t work for that body shape. It is crucial to emphasize the best areas to create a delicate balance. Tops, pants, skirts and dresses for each body shape will be discussed in details below.

Tops for Apple Body Shape

Apple shaped bodies should avoid wearing fitted tops and avoid waists belts because the midline is already full so attention should be draw away from it. Apple body shapes should wear tops that are flowy such as empire waist tops, A-line tops and loose button up tops.

Tops for Pear Body Shape

Pear body shape looks fantastic wearing fitted tops, tops with shoulder pads, off-of-the shoulder tops as the plan is to attract regard to the shoulders since it is relatively tinier than the hips.

Tops for Hourglass Body Shape

Peplum blouses, wrap top, form fitted tops are some of the many tops that look amazing on the hourglass body shape.

Tops for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The best tops for inverted triangle body shapes are tops that will accentuate the waist by giving it shaper and volume and help balance the bust with the hips. Some of the perfect shirts for this strategy are peplum and wrap tops.


Tops for Rectangle Body Shape

Tops with undefined waists such as loose fitted tops are best for the rectangular body shape.


Pants for apple shaped bodies

The best jean for an apple shaped body should is a mid-rise jean because it will sit either right above or below the belly and won’t draw too much attention to it. For trousers, purchase ones that are simple with minimal details. Straight legged and bootcut pants are best for this body shape.

Pants for Pear shaped bodies

A flared high waist pants look incredibly flattering on a pear body shape. High waist skinny or bootcut jeans also look amazing.

Pants for Hourglass shaped bodies

High Waist Pants and jeans are highly recommended for the hourglass shape because most pants will leave a gap at the waist since the waist of the hourglass shape is so slim compared to the hip.


Pants for Inverted triangle shaped bodies

Flared pants are the best for inverted triangle body shape because it will add more volume at the bottom that will balance the full bust.


Pants for Rectangle shaped bodies

The best pants for rectangle body shapes are boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, low rise jeans, straight jeans or wide trousers as this will add volume to the bottom area.


Skirts for apple shape bodies

The best skirts for apple body shapes are skirts with volumes and extra details such as flounce skirts, A-line skirt or ruffled skirt.

Skirts for pear shape bodies

The best skirt for pear body shapes is Aline skirts because it the smallest part of the waist, pencil skirts also looks incredible on pear-shaped bodies.

Skirts for hourglass shape bodies

The best skirt for the hourglass shape is pencil skirts.

Skirts for inverted triangle shape bodies

A-line skirts will be perfect for inverted triangle body shapes as it will add volume to the bottom half of the body.


Skirts for rectangle shape bodies

Body-con mini skirts are perfect for rectangle body shapes as it will show off the small curves


Dresses for apple shape bodies

Apple body shapes should avoid tight fitting dresses and opt for loose dresses such as slip dresses etc.

Dresses for pear shape bodies

An A-line dresses look fantastic on pear shapes as it helps to accentuate the narrow waist and slim shoulders.

Dresses for hourglass shape bodies

The hourglass shape can wear nearly all dresses such as a fitted dress, wrap dress, sheath dress. The hourglass body will make them all look marvelous,

Dresses for inverted triangle shape bodies

The best dresses for inverted triangle bodies are a wrap and empire cut dresses.


Dresses for rectangle shape bodies

The perfect dress for rectangle shapes are dresses that adds definition to the waist.

#2: Proportions and balance

It is imperative to pair clothes that are in proportion with your body shape. To do this, you will have to intensify and reduce areas such as the upper and lower body part that is needed to create an illusion of a proportional hourglass shape which is the universally balanced figure. For example, apple body shape, the inverted triangle has a full upper part and therefore need to wear bottom options that will create an illusion of fullness to achieve the hourglass look , pear shaped bodies will need to draw more attention to the shoulders and rectangular shapes need to bring attention to one body part at a time.

#3: Nude and Black Shoes

The essential; must-have shoes in a woman’s closet are black pumps. You will need them to go to interviews, church, evening affairs, work, weddings and so on. Purchase a comfortable pair of shoes that you can stand on for an extended period. Furthermore, even as versatile as black pumps are, they will not go with everything in your closet, they can sometimes be too harsh to wear with brighter colors. You need another pair of shoes that will go with everything that your black shoes will not pair well with, and I highly recommend a pair of nude pumps that match your skin color. Nude shoes that blend well with your skin color will encompass black pumps and match with everything.

The critical details in this blog post are to dress for your body shape. You will find yourself a lot more confident in your clothing and your looks in general if you are clothed in clothes that accommodate you well. The crucial second intent is to balance your proportions. I.e., apple body shape, the inverted triangle has a full upper part and therefore need to wear bottom options that will create an illusion of fullness to achieve the hourglass look , pear-shaped bodies will need to draw more attention to the shoulders and rectangular shapes need to bring attention to one body part at a time. Lastly, you need black and nude pumps or even flats if you despise wearing pumps. Choose a pair of nude shoes that closely matches your skin tone to elongate your legs especially if you are shorter and it will also go with every item in your closet.

Which outfit or type of clothing makes you feel the best?


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