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Woman Wearing Pink Top There are so many social practices norms how we should act or dress that we would love to abolish. There are some dress code rules that I think are important to know and follow no matter what stage you are in life. Your image is a mixture of your appearance and behavior. We may wish we could change some dress codes to our desire but they are there for a reason, and it is essential to follow them. You should know the dress codes for business dealings in case you’re going to an interview. Other dress codes depending on the invitation you have received for the event. The best way to figure out what to wear to an event is to ask the host directly what she desires her guests to wear or what they are wearing themselves. Let’s look at the 3 most important dress codes to know and what they mean. Business Attire You want to look like you’re going to work. You can wear a suit, skirt, slacks, blazers, just any professional attire. No leggings or strapless bodycon dresses here. Clothing: Nordstrom Cocktail Cocktail dress code usually is where women very dressy attire and elegant fabrics. Your male date may wear a dark suit, white shirt, and tie. Clothing: Macy’s Business Casual Business Casual is usually toning down business attire outfits a bit to the casual side. For example; you may; it doesn’t necessarily mean you can pop out your sneakers or your favorite baseball tees. You still want to look professional. Here you can wear your V neck T-shirt under your blazer, casual button-down oxford shirts, cropped pants or cardigans to replace suits. Clothing: Old Navy


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