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How many times have you gotten dressed, looked in the mirror and feel like something is off with your outfit? Or have you ever wondered why an outfit that you don’t like or wouldn’t wear yourself looks stylish on someone? That is typical because of the proportions or balance of that look. For some reason, we are drawn to the symmetry of dimensions, and when our outfits aren’t balanced, we immediately feel that something is off. The solution to making sure that we don’t always feel like something is wrong with our outfits is to understand our body types. The principal goal when it comes to dressing for your body type is to create balance on your body, use lines to bring the eye to your positive features and emphasize certain parts of your body. These are the 3 simple ways to dress chic and comfortably. Let’s explore each one. 1.Balance Unless you have an hour-glass or rectangle figure where your upper and lower body part are aligned with each other, there will be parts of you that are smaller in relations to the other. When getting dressed, strive to add to the small section of your body so that you can balance the more substantial part. We will discuss tips for dressing for all body types on the next post. Image result for outfits for different body shapes Example: Pear Shaped Body You want to add to your shoulders to balance your hips Example below is a red blouse with shoulder pads and skinny denim. Inverted Triangle Body Shape You want to add Volume to your bottom to create proportions. Example is the wide legged trousers with simple or fitted type Image result for wide legged trousers 2.Line Lines in fashion is important because they affect and can manipulate how people see your style. Our eyes follow lines, and you can easily manipulate the eye to look up, down, side to side or around a garment. Use lines to bring to or take away attention from your positive features. Vertical lines Vertical lines elongate and help to slim the body as they direct the eye up and down your attire. Use vertical lines when you desire to look taller. Dress @ Nordstrom Striped Shift Dress, Main, color, Navy Red Stripe Horizontal lines Horizontal lines guide the eye across the garment. They add bulk so use horizontal lines where you want to look bigger. Notice the following dress is meant to make the hips look bigger with the horizontal line. Dress @ Nordstrom Nella Button Front Stripe Dress, Main, color, Monochrome Stripe Diagonal lines Diagonal lines hold the eye’s attention longer than horizontal or vertical lines. They create the illusion of action and drama. If the diagonal is more ‘vertical,’ it works to slim the body, and if the diagonal if more ‘horizontal,’ it works to widen the body. Open Back Midi Dress, Main, color, Blue Multi Curved lines Curvy lines hold the eye’s attention longer than straight lines. They create a feminine and appealing illusion. Crepe Sheath Dress, Main, color, Black 3.Accent Wearing an accent piece on your body will stop, and make people’s eye focus on that area of your body the most. For example, wearing an enormous statement necklace will accentuate your neck. Related image


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