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Image result for armario de ropa con chica Have you ever queried how some of your friends, your favorite style icons or bloggers put colors together to create eye-catching and harmonious colorful outfits? Some people innately know what colors go along well without trying. However, some of us need a bit of help, and that is perfectly ok. There is a solution or a tool that can help, and that is the color wheel. The color wheel is a chart depicting the connections between colors. Red, blue and yellow are the dominant colors. Those are mixed to create the secondary colors orange, green and violet. Then combining a primary color with a secondary color creates tertiary colors like red-violet and blue-violet.
Primary Secondary Tertiary Colors
You can wear all of the vibrant colors together or you can match them with the neutral colors below. There are color wheel apps available to download on your phone. Simply search for the color wheel in the app store and pick the one that will work best for you. Keep reading to see 4 ways to mix & match colors in your wardrobe using the color wheel. Complementary
The complementary color scheme is the easiest, and perhaps the way many people will use the color wheel to match their clothing because the best colors to wear together are tones that are complementary or opposite of each other. Analogous
In the analogous color scheme, there are two or three shades are side by side on the color wheel. Triadic
The triadic color scheme uses colors that are symmetrically spaced around the color wheel. Split-Complementary
The split-complementary color scheme is a modification of the complementary color scheme. In addition to the base color, it utilizes the two colors juxtaposed to its complement. Milly Cady Pencil Dress Well I hope that was helpful to you, comment below any questions or ideas Have a good one


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