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All of us have had bad days where we don’t know what to wear. No matter what we put on, we feel like it looks terrible.  Have you ever noticed though that some people will complain of having a bad day, but you’re looking at them like “what? You look great”, this is the level of style we all endeavor to have. Looking effortlessly chic even you’re not feeling well. It is a straightforward goal to accomplish.

The number one thing to keep in mind is making sure that you’re purchasing and putting outfits together that will make you feel your best. It is effortless to put together a stylish outfit, but how do you feel wearing it? Does it fit you well, is it the right outfit for your body type, and does it fit your style? Also, be sure to dress appropriately for all occasions.  For example, let’s say your work told you to wear business casual, this does not mean that you threw on some jeans and a blazer, several people have this misconception that business casual means that you can wear jeans.  A business-casual dress code means you don’t have to wear your fancy suit or heels. You can wear your loafers, your Chanel ballet flats, a casual dress or chinos.  Casual dress codes now involve jeans; if this still works, it is always recommended to skip the jeans and perhaps opt for more casual pants in a professional setting.  These two dress codes are the ones many people struggle with attaining.

Another point is your grooming. Messy hair, chipped nails, lousy hygiene, and many more can ruin your outfit. Many people also have the misconception that grooming is expensive; it does not have to be. If you have the money and prefer paying someone to help you with your hair or nails, but you can generally do your grooming at a much cheaper rate.  I have some great grooming tips on Grooming Essentials for A Well Poslished Woman.


Most of us would like to be able to put an outfit together 5-10 minutes before we leave the house and look chic and put together. Is that possible, yes? But is it easily attainable? No. I believe it takes years of practice and knowing and understanding your style to be able to put an outfit together in five minutes. When starting, I think it is best to purchase a clothing rack and preplanned your weekly outfits (about 7-10 so you can have options).  I will provide some tips so that you can pre-planned very chic outfits that look unique and different but yet still fits your style.

We will discuss preplanning your outfit around a central piece and call that your statement piece. Let’s say you purchased finally a nice pair of pink trousers that you’ve been eying for the past couple of maths, you can easily throw it on with a chic white blouse, but we want to explore more options, and this is what I will be discussing below. Let’s look at 4 ways to put a chic outfit together.

Garment rack

As I mentioned above, you’ll need a clothing rack so that you can put all of your pre-planned outfits for the week. You also don’t want to put those outfits back in the closet because you’ll likely change your mind and waste unnecessary time looking for the outfits you planned. Buy a Garment rack.

Putting an outfit together if your blouse is the STATEMENT piece

  1. Try on with every skirt you have (even what you think may not work)
  2. Try on with every pant you have (even what you think may not work)
  3. Pick Shoes

Putting an outfit together If Pants or Skirt is the STATEMENT Piece

  1. Try on with every blouse you have (even what you think may not work)
  2. Pick Shoes

Putting an outfit together If Dress is the STATEMENT Piece

  1. Try on with every Blazer or Cardigan you have (even what you think may not work)
  2. Try on with every Shoes you have (even what you think may not work)

Putting an outfit together If Blazer or Jacket is the statement Piece

With Dress

  1. Try on with Every Dresses (even what you think may not work)
  2. Try on with every Shoes you have (even what you think may not work)

With Blouse

  1. Try on with every blouse/shirt you have (even what you think may not work)
  2. Then Try on with Every Pants or Skirt (whichever bottom is desired; Usually both)
  3. Pick Shoes

In summary, whatever your statement piece is, whether it is a t-shirt, a blouse, dress, trousers, or blazers, you want to try it on with whatever other articles of clothing you have. The reason for this is because there are so many colors that we may not imagine will work together until we see it, so without trying on that blouse with that specific color pants, you may have never chosen that. Have you ever looked at someone’s outfit and wondered, wow, “I would never think to put those two and two together?” These are the goals, with the colors and textures and garment types. Have you tried this method? Did it work? Is there anything I forgot to mention? Comment your thoughts below.


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