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Summer 2020 starts on Saturday, June 20, and ends on Tuesday, September 22, so you have an abundance of time to get your wardrobe ready. Although we are stuck at home quarantining and practicing social distancing right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t look cute right now by wearing your flat quilted slides with your cute lounge wears. 2020’s fashion is very versatile, from bright colors such as lime and yellow to very neutral tones. So there is something for everybody. In 2020 we see a lot of quilted and braided trends, the wedge shoe is also popular, and you have many finishing options. The square toe shoes that were popular last year is even more popular this year. The white sneaker is also in this post because it is an essential shoe in the summer that you can pair with trousers, slip dresses, and skirts that are also incredibly trendy this year.

1. Quilted Sandals

2. Woven Sandals

3. Square Heels

4. White Sneakers

5. Wedges

If you need more inspirations and or options, check out the spring/summer runway of Milan, London, New York, and Paris. The past two years, fashion trend has been universal and has done a fantastic job of catering to an array of people and fashion styles. What shoe trend will you be wearing this year? Comment below!


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