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5 Stylish Weekend Outfit Ideas

During the weekdays we are either dressing for work, school and some of us have daily uniforms and don’t get the opportunity to see or use most of our wardrobes casually until the weekend starts. Thus; most people find it difficult to get dressed for weekend events. When getting ready in the weekend, we often take down our entire closet, just to end up wearing the same pair of jeans and seemingly a similarly styled shirt that we wore the weekend prior. Whether you’re going to run errands, brunch, lunch or house party, you want to look good, its the weekend! Resist the urge to throw on a pair of leggings and t-shirt and make an effort to elevate your look.

To slay your weekend casual events, peruse through the 5-stylish weekend outfit ideas below and see if you can make it work for you. You can copy the outfits entirely or merely use them as inspiration and style them in ways that fit

Varsity Jacket + Jeans

T-shirt or body-con dress + Sneakers


Boho chic

Biker Babe

What is your personal style type and what is your go-to weekend outfits?


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