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Image result for tangled weave So far I have discussed how to buy hair extensions. Now I want to review how to properly care for your hair extensions so that they can last the prognosticated lifetime or to even lengthen the lifetime of your bundles. Chances are many of you already know that you’re supposed to take care of your hair extensions as you would take care of your hair and you probably even know some of the best products out there. However; if your hair bundles aren’t lasting as long as it needs to and you don’t understand how other people with the same type of hair are wearing it for an extended period, you may be doing something wrong.  Many of us are keen to slam hair companies, but we are guilty of deliberately or unintentionally abusing our extensions. It is not to say that you’re always wrong about a hair being of poor quality. We also have to be realistic with ourselves about the prices and the type of hair we are buying. When it comes to hair, there are unquestionably good bargains out there, however, the majority of the time, you will get what you pay for.  There are extra precautions you must take when you have purchased cheaper hair or cheaper quality hair.  Let’s get to the 5 things you’re doing that is destroying your weave and how to avoid those mistakes. You’re using cheap products You do not use $1.00 shampoos,  $1.00 conditioners on your hair, so why do you think it is ok to use them on your human hair bundles? Because we are spending our money at these hair companies, we set very high and nonsensical expectations. We expect the hair to take any type of chemicals, not to shed, not to tangle or mat up. Unfortunately, that will not happen, especially if you’re using cheap products on the hair. Cheaper shampoos and conditioners for example usually have sulfates that cause hair to become excessively dry and frizzy. Here are some of the top reviewed products that are proven to work best for caring for your hair bundles. Organix Renewing + Argan Oil of Morrocco Shampoo & Conditioner  OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morrocco Shampoo & Conditioner Set 13oz, 2 Ct
  You’re not washing the hair enough Just like your natural hair. Your hair extensions get dirty, build ups and even starts to smell when you wear it throughout the week. It is recommended that you wash your extensions twice a week if you have a sew in and once a week or every two weeks if you have a wig. If your hair is of cheaper quality, wash it much less often and with very high-quality products. Below are steps on accurately washing your hair extensions.
  1. Before washing your hair, comb the hair extensions, and get rid of any knots. Make sure you get rid of any knots to decrease shedding.
  2. Wet your hair bundle using lukewarm water in a downward motion starting from the weft. Do not soak the weave.
  3. Apply some moisturizing shampoo, also in a downward motion. Avoid shampoo and conditioning products with Sulfates, Isopropyl Alcohol, Formaldehyde, and Propylene Glycol, which will strip your extensions of their natural oils and cause them to dry up.
  4. Apply a good conditioner to the hair, again in a downward motion. Leave it in for about 15-20 minutes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with luke-warm water and make sure the water looks clear before drying to prevent product build-up.
  6. It is probably best to air dry the hair or sit under a dryer.
You’re using too much heat  It is probably best to air dry the virgin hair bundles or sit under a dryer. Avoid using blow dryers if you can and Try to use heat styling tools such as rods. When you must use heat, use a heat protector but don’t spray too close to the extensions. Below are the best heat protectors for extensions OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Weightless Healing Dry Oil Argan Oil of Morocco Weightless Healing Dry Oil ghd Style™ Heat Protect Spray ghd Heat Protect Spray Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection MORROCANOIL Heat Protectant Spray You’re using too many products Some people add leave-in conditioners or oils to the hair before they dry it, which is too much for the hair because you would have already moisturized the extensions with the conditioner. Use Moroccan or argan shampoo and conditioners on the weave; they will provide the moisturization you need. Avoid using aerosol sprays like oil sheens because it will dry your weave. If you’re in a rush and didn’t have time to wash or curled your hair, use a light oil such as Moroccan or Argan oil that will condition the hair and make it glistening for the day. Spritz sprays are great for creating an extra hold on your natural hair, but they will dry your weave and leave a viscous film on hair that is water-resistant and tricky to wash. Do not use dry shampoos for the same reasons above You’re washing the hair too much Black Shower Head Switched on Washing hair too frequently will your weave become dry and fragile which will also lead to hair shedding. This type of damage to your hair extension can happen very quickly because you’re using too many chemicals everytime you wash the hair, you probably are employing heat to style the hair which is too much, and you’re stripping the hair of its moisture by washing it so much.  


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