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6 Essentials For A Luxurious Living Room

Wouldn’t it be great if you enjoyed being at home like you enjoyed being in a 5-star hotel? We get an absolute Euphoria when we step into a beautiful hotel. The hotel has everything we need to make our stay pleasant and to ensure that we return to that same hotel. Wouldn’t it be better if we can feel that way about our home as well? Hotels make us fall in love by being very intentional with their color palette, designs, symmetry, usage of space. We can do the same as well to make our home feel like a 5star hotel so that we can enjoy being home. After all, most of your time will be spent at home. The first post in this serious of making your home feel as luxurious as a five-star hotel is the Living room. Come back for tips on bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom.

Color Palette + Area Rug

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a color palette for your living room. The best way to do this is to pick an area rug with your favorite colors. Use the neutral color for your big items like your sofa or chairs and pick 2 or 3 of colors from that rug for your accent color. It is best to use these colors in not just your living room but your entire house to acquire that luxurious look. There are many different rug sizes available, so you have to choose the most appropriate size that will fit your space. Here are Four popular layouts for living room rugs

All of your furniture on the rug

Putting all of your furniture on a rug is ideal for a pulled-together look, the standard rug sizes for this is 9’x12’.

Just front legs on the rug.

This one is the most popular and helps to connect the furniture and bring the colors together. Standard rug sizes are 8’x10’.

Small Rug with just coffee table

If you have a small apartment or living room, you’ll want to have a small rug with just the coffee on the carpet, as this will make space look bigger. Typical rug size is 5′ x 8′


You have many options for the rug, in example 1. Your sofa and chairs could be white, nude, gray, brown, and your accent colors could be red, gold, or neutral.


Similar to how you have to be intentional with your rug, you also have to be intentional with your sofa as well. Your sofa should be chic, comfortable, and follow your color scheme. Most people spend 2-4 hours a day on their sofa, so you want to make sure it is comfortable. The higher the quality of your couch, the longer it will last. For a luxury feel and look, your sofa must be of high quality. Next, you have to make sure your sofa is functional in terms of how many people will be on it, and if you have pets, take that into consideration as well. As far as material, linen, cotton, and wool are great options because they are breathable and easy to clean. If you’re buying fabric couches, look for Martindale rub-test of 25,000 rubs or more as these won’t pill or fade as fast.

The Martindale is abrasion/rub tests, which test different properties of a textile when used for upholstery like sofas. Leather is a good option if you’re worried about pilling, but it needs to be high quality as well. Leather is also a good option if you have children, pets, or if you are prone to allergies. Look for leathers that are labeled aniline, semi-aniline, or full-grain. Full-grain leather is the highest quality grade of leather money can buy. It comes from the top layer of the hide and includes all of the natural grain. Aniline leather is a natural Napa leather, which is a soft, tanned hide from animals that are dyed with aniline dyes in a drum. Semi-aniline leather is leather, that is somewhat pigmented Cheaper or imitation leathers will probably crack or fade over time no matter how good to treat it. Genuine leather usually consists of layers of cheap leather bonded together with glue, so avoid that if you can.

The standard sofa is usually 70-84 inches long x 30-40 inches wide x 30-40 inches tall. Typically, a standard sofa will have three seat cushions with a little bit of room leftover for the coffee table. It is recommended to leave at least 12 but not more than 18 inches between a couch and a coffee table. If in doubt, choose a standard sofa. You can also opt for a sofa that also turns into a bed at night, and the standard sizes for those are 70-84 inches long x 30-40 inches wide x 30-40 inches tall. The perfect sofa is 40″ deep, 60″ long, and 36″ high with a 19″ seat height. A seat that measures lower than 18 inches may be challenging to get up from

A sectional sofa varies significantly in size, and the shape could be an L shape, which could be in either a left-arm facing (LAF) or right-arm facing (RAF) configuration. There are also U-shaped sectionals that are ideal for larger sized homes. If you tend to have a lot of friends over or if you have a large family, consider buying a sectional sofa. A Sectional sofa is also ideal. A sectional is also suitable if you need to divide an open space to separate your living room from the dining room.

A day-bed is fantastic for small spaces, particularly if you need extra beds for guests. Standard sizes for those are 70-80 inches long x 35-45 inches wide x 30-40 inches tall.

A loveseat is another excellent option for small spaces. The standard sizes are 52-72 inches long x 30-40 inches wide x 30-40 inches tall. Loveseat comfortably sits two, generally have between 47 to 55 inches of seat width.

Coffee Table

Coffe tab less is typically placed front and center of your sofa. You can put your books, trays, baskets, accessories, and necessities on it. Glass or metallic coffee tables typically look more luxurious. If you have [ets or children, consider buying a round or oval coffee table is ideal. Your coffee table should sit higher than about one or two inches higher from your sofa. Coffee tables usually run in heights of 16-18 inches.

Media Stand

Before you invest in a media stand, figure out the width of your TV. You want your media stand to be both functional and appealing.

Medium TV stands come in sizes 64,” and 70″ and large TV stands in sizes 74″, 76″ and 85″ are best for the living room. If your TV is 50-50 inches, your TV stand should be about 45inches; if your TV is 60-69 inches, your TV stand should be about 54 inches. If your TV is 70-79 inches, your TV stand should be about 63 inches. If your TV is >80 inches, your TV stand should be about 80 inches. 

An Entertainment center is a piece of furniture that holds your electronic appliances such as televisions and other items such as DVD’s, books, etc. is perfect if you have a big space and will make it look more luxurious and trendy.

media Fireplace consists of a TV stand and an electric media fireplace that can be controlled with a remote. They are more expansive than the standard media stand but are worth it.

TV Wall Mounts are another option for small spaces. They allow you to place your flat-screen TV directly onto the wall. This style looks uncluttered, chic, and simple.

End Tables

At each end of your sofa should be end tables. End tables are great for holding table lamps, small items, and remote control. For a more sophisticated and luxurious look, opt for glass and or metals.


Finish off your living room with personalized decorations that suits your style and the color palette that you chose for your living room.


Mirrors are perfect for making your room look bigger and bringing light into it. You want to make sure that your mirror is reflecting something that you want to look at or that your guests will love to watch. You can add a rectangle mirror on top of your sofa with the corners matching the color of your sofa or accent colors. You can add a mirror above your fireplace

Wall Art

No matter how gorgeous your living room is, a living room with bare walls will probably feel incomplete. If you want to place a wall Art above your sofa, Your art should be the smaller or the same length as your furniture. Choose wall arts that are cohesive to the overall color palette so that your living room doesn’t look too cluttered.

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows are the best way to elevate your living room. Pillows are great for adding style and comfort to your upholstered furniture. If you have different sized pillows on your sofa, put your small opt for solid color if your room consists of patterns already. Choose odd-numbered pillows from three or five pillows because they create a pleasing asymmetry without cluttering the sofa.


Curtains aren’t a must-have in all living rooms, but they can make a place seem taller, which will make your living room look more luxurious. Hang your curtains least 12 inches above the window frame or to the ceiling and extending your curtain rod out three to six inches on each side and make sure your curtains fall to the floor. It is best to math curtains to the exact color of the walls and blends in with the décoration. For a more sophisticated and pleasing look, match your curtains to the rods.

The most important key point in making your living room feel comfortable is to have everything you need in it. This list consists of essential pieces for all living rooms. To make your living room look luxurious, avoid cluttering the space, and be intentional with your colors and furniture. What are some ways that you make your living room look luxurious and feel comfortable?


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