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We have all wondered how is it that fashion bloggers and celebrities manage to look so stylish and polished even when they are traveling. For some, it may be ridiculous to wear heels while traveling, while it may be desirable for others. You can wear whatever you want to travel, and that is what usually sets celebrities apart from regular people. They wear whatever they want without fearing what people think. In this blog post, I will primarily discuss outfit ideas without heels, but all of the shoes in those outfits can be substituted for heels if that is your style. The goal of this blog post is to show you how to look stylish and polished while you are traveling and give you some outfit ideas as well as formulas that’ll make it easier for you to get dressed when you have to travel. The goal is to dress where you aren’t sacrificing style and comfort; you can have the best of both worlds, with a little tweaking and adding a little extra effort.

How to Travel In Style and Comforts

To be able to travel in style and comfort, first and foremost, you have to think about where you are going, will you be flying, driving or taking public transportation and what will the weather be like where you’re going. Perhaps the simplest traveling to get dressed for is driving because if it is in the summer, you will probably have your own AC and if it is in the winter, you can crank up your heat however you please. Such is not the case when you’re taking public transportation or a plane, it may be too hot and often times it gets pretty cold. The most critical apparel you need when you’re traveling by public transportation or airplane is some form of a jacket; it can be a moto jacket, cardigan or even a blazer. I would not recommend a huge coat; simply because you’re around a large mass of people and after a while, you will probably get very hot. You want a jacket hot enough to keep you warm but light enough not to burn you up.

The second most important piece of garment to travel in style and comfort is shoes. Your shoes are specifically important if you will travel by plane. Typically most airport requires a lot of walking. Therefore you want to wear something comfortable on your feet such as some comfy flats, sandals, sneakers or boots. Some women can walk around the airport in heels and if this is your style, go for it. Another consideration to keep in mind is that many airports require you to take off your shoes, pick your shoes with comfort and ease of coming off in thought.

The last tip to travel in style and comfort is that to travel in style, you want to add stylish items to your already comfortable apparel such as a moto jacket. You can quickly throw on your moto jacket with your jogger and sneaker and immediately look chic. A lovely tote such as the Goyard Artois tote or Neverfull will also elevate your outfit. Cute dainty jewelry will also add elegance to your outfit. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look cute, merely throw on cute and classic pieces that look stylish and expensive on their own. Leopard and red are currently in trend. Leopard sneakers and a red handbag will look so attractive paired in the same outfit. Below is a more in-depth list of fashionable clothes that you can wear to travel.

Fashionable Travel Clothes


Perhaps the most comfortable item to wear to travel are leggings. We can all admit that these type of pants lietrally feel like you are wearing nothing. As far as style is concerned, I recommend purchasing a stylish pair of leggings such as leggins with mesh on the sides or is ripped at the knee. This will add spice to your outfit and won’t look like regular plain leggings. You can also wear leggings other than black colored such as olive or burgandy. Those are colors that can be considered neutral and will go very well with virtually any outfit. Some of the best places to find cute and high quality leggings are victoria secret, American Eagle and Macys.


Another go-to travelling staple has to be sneakers. There are so many options in this department.  You can go from basic sneakers such as keds, to running shoes and up to Balenciaga Dad’s sneaker. It is all up to you and making your outfit look stylish has to do primarily with how you wear the things you like, not necessarily what you wear, although that is also important. If snealkers aren’t your thing, you can wear flats or sandals.

Flats, Loafers or Sandals

If sneakers aren’t your cup of tea, you can throw on a cute, comfy flat, loafers or sandals. If you want to add more zazzz to any outfit, I recommend purchasing these shoes in animal prints such as leopard or snake prints. They will go with logo t-shirt, graphic t-shirts, and even some florals.

Ankle Boots

In the early spring, late fall and winter ankle boots are the best options for traveling vs. a riding or tall boots because if you’re going to be sitting down for a while, you don’t want anything hugging your legs too much or just in the way of your ability to kick your feet up and relax. Ankle boots will offer you comfort and freedom to move your legs around while you’re traveling

Franco Sarto Kelton Bootie


You now have many options when purchasing leggins as these types of pants have grown so popular that many different versions of them are being made, you are not only limited to the designs of the traditional legging.  You can now purchase jegging which are leggings that are made with denim material and thus look like denim but is so much more stretchy and gives you that comfort of a legging. If you want to take your traveling outfit to the next level, swap out your traditional leggings for this stretchy pair of stylish denim alternative.


Joggers are another cool and comfortable clothing option to wear while you are traveling. Joggers have elastics at the feet and is a pant that is being designed to be ankle length. What makes joggers so chic is that they are the next level or the upgrade of nearly any pants. You take regular trousers, add some elastic at the leg waist, add a string to the waist, and it instantly looks terrific. There are many options as far as the materials that you can buy. You can purchase joggers made of polyester, jersey, cotton or take it up a notch by wearing ones that look dressier.

Maxi or Midi Dresses

A maxi or midi dress made of comfortable materials such as rayon, rib knit or knit jersey is a very chic and feminine travel option that offers just as much comfort as leggings. You can pair a dress with sandals, sneakers or flat shoes. You throw on a moto jacket on top of that dress, and you’re assured to catch attention. You can also opt out of wearing a sweater and wear a few pieces of dainty jewelry.

Kick It Up Maxi Dress,
                        color, BLACK
Billabong Dress
$37 Nordstrom

Comfy T-shirt

Another traveling essential is well made and comfy t-shirts. Old Navy, Everlane, Pact Organic, American Eagle and many stores sell affordable and high-quality cute t-shirts. You can skip the plain tees and opt for graphic tees if you choose. They will look just as chic under a moto, cardigan, bomber or anorak jacket. You can wear long or short sleeve tees, be sure that you purchase tees that make you feel comfortable when you’re traveling.


If you plan to wear heavy outerwear or coat, I advise that you carry a cardigan so that you can swap it out for your jacket when you become hot. You can’t go wrong when buying a cardigan. You can purchase very basic and short cardigans or mid to longer cardigans.

Moto Jacket

The most critical piece of garment that is guaranteed to change your entire look is the moto jacket. It is just edgy and stylish and immediately enhances whatever it is that you’re wearing.  More than likely, you probably catch your favorite celebrity or blogger wearing a moto jacket when they are traveling. Often the moto jacket is what makes celebrities and fashion bloggers they look so effortlessly chic and stylish. Outer layers genuinely make a difference in your outfit, and the moto jacket never fails.

Product image
Faux Leather Moto Jacket
$70.80 Express

Bomber Jacket

If a moto jacket is just not for you, you can wear a bomber jacket as it looks just as stylish and hip. A  bomber jacket is also called a flight jacket, and it is a  casual jacket that was originally made for pilots. Flight jackets eventually became part of popular culture and since it has been converted to various versions and silhouettes such as the popular ‘Letterman’ jacket. The ‘bomber’ jacket is today’s fashionable version of that letterman jacket. The bomber jacket just like moto-jacket is an amazing another spring, fall and winter staple that you can virtually wear year round. It’s perfect for layering and will pair flawlessly with leggings or joggers for traveling. The bomber jackets are made with many different fabrics from denim and knit jersey to dressier versions such as silk or fur.

Anorak Jacket

It is important to note the difference between an anorak and a parka An anorak is typically waterproof,  has hoods, have drawstrings at the waist and cuffs,  can either be pulled over without a front opening or some of the newer versions have zippers. A parka, on the other hand, is typically hip length and has a fur-lined hood. The only difference between an anorak and a parka is that anoraks are typically shorter than knee-length parkas and will probably be a bit light. You can use this definition as. Guide to determine which one is best fitted for your traveling need. A lightweight anorak is stylish with your legging, jegging or jogger.

main image
$39.75 Macys

Oversized Tote

The second to last needed piece to add style to your traveling attire is a stylish oversized tote. You want it to be oversized so that it could be functional and used as a carry on and you also want it to be stylish enough to make your outfit look chic and stylish. I recommend investing in a nice tote that you can also wear while traveling. I would highly recommend the Louis Vuitton Neverfull as a travel bag, it is gorgeous and stylish, other options include the Goyard Artois Tote, Tory Burch Gemini, .


The last piece of item you need to travel is a pair of sunglasses. Wearing your sunglasses could be for practical reasons such as you have an early flight or you just didn’t have time to wash your face. It is effortless to throw on your sunglasses and look very chic. Sunglasses similar to handbags range from very cheap to very high end, the choice is yours on what you’re willing to spend on it.

Perfect Traveling outfits

The easiest and perfect traveling outfit formula is a pair of your most comfortable pants, for some, it could be jeans, and if you are comfortable wearing denim to travel, you can style them just the same way. The second part of the traveling outfit formula is your favorite shirt and outerwear such as a bomber jacket, moto jacket, cardigan or Anorak. Then, finish off the look with a scarf, sunglasses, jewelry, and your cute and luxe travel tote. Below is a list of 6 fashionable and stylish traveling outfit ideas.

Travel Outfit #1: Maxi or Midi dress + Sneakers/Flats/Sandals

A knit jersey maxi dress is lovely because it offers so much comfortability as a result of the soft and stretchy material and it is long enough to cover your legs in the case that you may be in a cold car or an airplane. The dress itself makes you look feminine, and therefore you will not have to make too many additional efforts to your attire. You can throw on simple jewelry or moto jacket with your sneaker and go.

Travel Outfit #2: Jeggings + T-Shirt + Moto Jacket+sneakers/Flats/Sandals

The fantastic thing about jeggings is that they look just like jeans but offer the comfort of leggings, thus making it an automatic beneficial as well as fashionable upgrade from leggings so if you want to take your outfit to the next level, swap out your leggings with jeggings. Jeggings can be found in virtually any store nowadays. Purchase Jeggings that are made of incredibly soft material as they will not feel rough against your skin as you’re traveling.

Travel Outfit #3: Leggings + T-shirt+ Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is that jacket that automatically makes you seem cool, calm and collected. Since the bomber jacket tends to dress down an outfit a bit more, I suggest wearing it with pops of colors such as red and pink or trendy prints such as leopard and snake.

Travel Outfits for long flights

Travel Outfit #4: Leggings+Long Cardigan + Sneakers, Flats, sandals or Boots

Another outerwear that instantly dresses up your outfit is a duster or long cardigan. You will immediately look like a wealthy woman with a duster cardigan, a pair of sunglasses, and a designer handbag. The duster cardigan reminds me of a trench coat but more malleable. Unlike a trench coat, you will feel more comfortable during a car ride or on a plane with a long cardigan because of the thin material. You can purchase cardigans at a range of prices from $10.00 up to $1000+. The key is finding a cardigan that depicts you and your personal fashion style type and searching for the perfect cardigan that you will make you feel confident and comfortable simultaneously.

Travel Outfit #5: Joggers +Anorak Jacket+Sneaker/Flats/Sandals

When you think of jersey knit joggers, you probably think of relaxing at home with your slides and a comfy sweatshirt, but in reality, you can easily style this piece of apparel when traveling. Aforementioned, you can virtually dress up and upgrade these basic pants with outerwear. For clothing like joggers, your handbags, accessories, and outerwear are what will change your look from every day to chic.

Travel Outfit #6: Leggings + Anorak Jacket + Sneaker/Flats/Sandals

You can also wear your anorak jacket with your leggings. Aforementioned, opt for leggings with a bit more designs, as they tend to look more dressy and stylish. You can pair this outfit with flats, sneakers or sandals and you will look fantastic during your travel.

If you have made it this far on the blog post, you have seen and learned that you can be cute and fabulous regardless of where you want to travel and whether you’re traveling by car, airplane or public transportation. Dressing fashionably while traveling all comes down to consolidating unique pieces of clothing. Another point I must make is to invest in high-quality essential clothing. A beautiful and crisp white tee with leggings and a moto jacket will look 10x more stylish than a cheap and worn out looking white t-shirt and leggings, no matter what designer bag you have or how cute your sunglasses are. If your clothing is well made, you will look polished no matter what. Some of the places that sell amazing basics at very affordable prices are Everlane, Madewell, Old Navy, Pact Organic, Target, Urban Outfitters and J.Crew Factory. As far as luxury designer t-shirts, James Perse and Rag & Bone sells amazing tees that will last years. The overall key to dressing refined and fashionable for traveling is buying high-quality basics, comfy pants, and chic outer jacket.

What is your go-to traveling outfit?


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