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In the past couple of years, church attire has dramatically grown to be a bit informal. A few individuals wear jeans; some people wear slacks, and some people wear shorts and mini skirt. If you’re currently reading this post, you may be going to church for the first time, or you’re a regular church attendee just looking for outfit inspirations. You’re in the right place because appropriate church attire matter, and I will tell you how to dress for church. Let’s say your church allows you to wear denim; I highly suggest that you put a bit of effort on your outfit and not merely throw on on your ripped denim jeans and a t-shirt. If you were going to an interview, you would dress appropriately so in business clothing. Thus, I conclude that one should take dressing up for church seriously. You have many options; Few people choose to dress very formal, by wearing fancy hats, full suits made off silk, and that is usually the older generations. Our parents or generations before us typically dress semi to casual. On today’s blog post, my church outfit ideas will be in the middle, the borderline between formal and semi-formal. 

Church  Wardrobe Basics

Dressing for any occasion will be easier if you have the basics. You should always have a button-down shirt, white t-shirts blazers, cardigans, pumps, and a favorite handbag. These are essentials that will make your life so much easier. You should not have to purchase a new attire each time you have to go to an event. You will spend more money because last minute shopping can be so hectic and frustrating since what you need tend to be difficult to find and what you may find may be at a higher price point than you would have paid if you had that piece in your closet already. In the long run, you will have wasted your time because often time we don’t wear clothes that were purchased in a rush or intended for a specific event. Fortunately, clothing basics for the church highly resemble clothing for the office. You can virtually wear any clothing that you wear to work, if you do work at an office setting, to church unless of course your church doesn’t allow you to wear pants and you can always wear a skirt. These church clothing basics are basics for any wardrobe and many different settings.


The most universal and best piece of clothing that is guaranteed to elevate any outfit is a nice tailored boyfriend blazer. A blazer is a perfect option for the church, and the professional environment. I advise you to purchase a blazer in a color that matches very well with one of the skirt or pants in your closet so that you can dress them up as a suit if you chose to. Black, blue and grey are great colors to purchase if you want to buy more than one blazer. Bold color blazers that typically looks good with every clothing are blazers in color red or yellow. 


A simple shift or wrap dress in a neutral color is an excellent starting basic dress for church. If you don’t like a shift dress, you can opt for slip-on dresses. Moreover, I always recommend a wrap dress because it is universally flattering on women of all shapes and sizes. You can wear a dress to church alone with a simple or statement pumps, or you can throw on a blazer or cardigan on top of it. Some gorgeous dress colors for the church I have seen are blue, grey and burgundy.


Another church wardrobe essential is a blouse. If you don’t have many blouses or if you don’t have a lot of practice on putting different outfits together, I recommend neutral colored shirts such as white, black, blue and grey as these go well with nearly every clothing that you can think imagine. Add whichever pops of color that you fancy so that you can spice up your closet so that once in a while, you can look a little different.

White button down

A crisp white button-down shirt tailored to your body and personal style will look fantastic with, jeans, paper bag pants, skirts, flared or high waisted pants, etc. The button-down shirt is an elegant type of shirt that you should invest in because it makes you look clean and expensive. You can wear a white button-down shirt to church as well as to work, interviews, lunch, date nights, etc. Make sure it is white and looks expensive even if it isn’t. Furthermore, you can choose to buy silk, cotton, or chiffon fabric; you can also have it sleeveless, long sleeved or short sleeved. No matter the form or shape, a white button-down will look classy with everything. The key is making sure that it is perfectly pressed or steamed and fits you well.


In some churches, you can wear pants and if you aren’t keen about wearing skirts than I recommend getting some essential trousers that fit your body, and your personal style perfectly. Again, if you are newly building or reconstructing your closet, pick neutral-colored clothing that you can mix and match as well as wear to other events such as interviews or work. Try not to purchase too many patterned skirts cause you may tire of them quickly. Garments with too many patterns are mildly distinguishing, so most people remember when you wore that shirt or that skirt or that pants. Therefore, I find that most people tend to lean towards solid and neutral colored clothing when it comes to basic. Think about how many times you wear the floral or pattern clothes that you have versus the ones that are just one color. 


You can virtually carry any handbags to church. The most ones most people wear are either a crossbody, a clutch or a beautifully made structured purse for church. If you fancy bigger bags, you can purchase a bigger bag that’ll carry your bible or baby items if you have children. I would recommend the LV Neverfull for use as a baby bag. You can also choose to accessorize your clothes with handbags by buying colorful bags and use them to add that pop of color to that church outfit. With purses, you can’t go wrong regarding prices, style or shape as there are just so many out there. If you are transitioning from non-designer to designer handbags, YSL, Louis Vuitton, Gucci are remarkable luxury brands that make such attractive purses and will automatically promote your look to the next level. You can also look into buying contemporary designer handbags such as Kate Spade, Coach, Micheal Kors, Rebecca Minkoff since they make high-quality bags at half of the price of Louis Vuitton or Gucci.


In comparison to the office or dinner, you need a nice pair of pumps. If you don’t like heels, you can opt for a stylish pair of flats instead, rounded or pointy toes. I highly recommend nude pumps because nude shoes will set your outfit apart from others. The nude directly makes you look stylish, and for some reason, people immediately draw their attention to your attire. Some of the best designer brands that make good quality pumps and shoes are Calvin Klein, Micheal Kors, Naturalizer, Sam Edelman. The key to buying pumps or any pair of shoe is to purchase shoes that are comfortable. Some brands cater more to women with wide foot and other brands for women with narrow feet. refrain from over criticizing a brand who doesn’t make shoes that fits your feet. Instead, focus on finding a brand that make shoes for whatever width your feet it. Naturalizer and Cole Haan would be perfect for those with wide feet, and brands like Jessica Simpson, Frye, Coach make shoes that are more suited for women who have narrow feet.

Cute Outfits To Wear To Church

Church Outfit Idea #1: Dress + Blazer or Cardigan

If you have been going to church for a long time, you probably have many dresses, either purchased by friends, parents or yourself over the years. Instead of getting rid of those dresses and buying new clothes, why don’t you wear them with blazers? Many dresses can be worn with neutral colored blazers like soft pink, olive, green, navy, black, camel, etc., If you happen to wear a lot of dresses at work, you can also wear those dresses to church. That is perhaps the most straightforward way to dress, and you are always guaranteed to look chic if you throw on a pair of nude pumps with your outfit.

I have linked similar clothing options below. For professional wears, I highly recommend Macys or Nordstrom and Nordstrom rack as far as affordability and quality are concerned. Sometimes you want to purchase something for an event, but if you are also planning on keeping these pieces as basics, I recommend buying them at a decent quality. You can find both affordable and quality articles of clothing at Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Century 21, etc.

Church Outfit Idea #2: Skirt + Blazer

Similarly to the dresses, you may have several  skirts that you purchased over the years. Many tend to wear heavily patterned or floral attires to church. You can easily make a patterned skirt very chicly by pairing it with a bold blazer or blouse alike below. As I stated earlier, nude pumps will almost always heighten your look and bring out the beauty of your outfit.

I have linked online stores where you can buy similar articles of clothing below. As mentioned formerly, you can purchase your nude shoes or handbags at virtually any price point that fits you and your personal style. In addition to apparel, Nordstrom rack sells very affordable shoes as well.

Cute Church Outfits For Summer

Church Outfit Idea #3: Floral Dress

I always find myself buying florals in the summer no matter how many times I said I wouldn’t buy them because after you wear them a couple of times, you don’t have much use for them. There’s just an air of happiness and romance in the summer that makes you want to dress feminine and warm. Thus, my third church outfit idea is a pure floral dress, flattering handbag, and cute pumps. Since the dress is simple, you’ll only need accessories.

Floral dresses aren’t as easy to find this time of year as we are moving more towards fall colors, but you can always count on Nordstrom Rack, or Macy’s.

Church Outfit Idea #4: Colorful Blazers + Skirt

If I had to select one of the prettiest summer colors, it would have to be yellow. I particularly love yellow because it is one of those colors that goes with everything, red, green, blue, pink. If you want just to purchase one pop of color for your closet, I would recommend yellow and red. You can also wear these colors in the fall as well.

Below are links to bold colored blazers from Topshop. What is impressive about these blazers is that they are lightweight, long and they can dress up any outfit. A perfect outfit formula is a bold colored blazer, white shirt, and bottom. 

Cute Church Outfits For Winter

Church Outfit Idea #5: Cardigan or Sweater +  Leather Skirt

The primary feature of this outfit is the leather skirt. The leather is one of those fabrics that keep you warm and is so stylish that you don’t have to put too much effort when you’re wearing it. You can wear a leather skirt with neutral colors or bold colors like this seasons trending red. The key to dressing in the winter is wearing bold accessories such as scarves, handbags, and statement shoes. 

The fantastic thing about buying leather is that it doesn’t have to be real. Therefore, anyone can afford it. I will say that you shouldn’t buy a leather skirt that is too cheap because of the leather such an attention grabber material. You can’t go wrong with cardigans or sweater, so choose your favorite colors and don’t be afraid to throw it over your leather skirt.

Church Outfit Idea #6: Long sleeved blouse or sweater  +  Maxi Skirt

Another chic and stylish church outfit for the winter is a sweater or blouse paired with a long pleated skirt followed by a chic bag. You can modify this style to fit your personal style. You can wear floral skirts, patterned skirts or skirts with any design; then the goal would be to wear simple shirts. The maxi skirt itself already draws so much attention to your outfit and make you look taller. Thus you don’t want to overdo it. Therefore, long skirts are perfect options for shorter women in the winter; you can wear shoes the same color as the skirt or wear nude shoes if you want to give your legs that extra length..

You can find long skirts virtually anywhere, Forever21, H&M, Charlotte Russe tend to have the long pleated chiffon skirt on stock pretty often. If you plan to purchase a maxi skirt in a chiffon material, be careful not to buy the ones that are too or semi-sheer. We don’t want that for the church. Below are two fantastic options from JD Williams. You can’t beat the price either.

Overall, dressing to attend church should be enjoyable. Some effort should be made to look decent especially if you have been blessed to be able to purchase the clothes that you like. If you have just begun to build your wardrobe, focus more on buying neutral colored clothing with a few bold colors here and there. It is also best to purchase bolder accessories instead of colorful clothes that you will quickly tire of and won’t wear again. For the ladies who work at an office, you can easily mix and max those clothes and create some cute outfits for church. The same basic work essentials will work for the church as well. I hope this post answered all of your questions and or concerns about church attire or dressing up for the church in general. Please comment your thoughts below. 

What is your go-to outfit for church?


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