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Image result for girl You have clothes in your closet that could last you a lifetime, but you just cannot come up with a single outfit to wear, you tend to wear the same things, nothing looks right, and you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing. It is just a mess and getting dressed in the morning is never fun despite where you’re going. Do not feel bad because these are common issues among many people. Many people hate shopping because of this. Everyone has a different scenario and to help you figure out the problem you may be having with your wardrobe and how to fix it, I have created a flow chart with well-known difficulties that people experienced with their clothes. If none of this describes your case, don’t give up hope yet. Shoot me a comment below, and I would love to help you figure it out. If you aren’t or rarely love and feel confident in your wardrobe, it is ordinarily because of 3 problems. Related image Problem #1:  You don’t have a specific personal style, and you feel like you have a diverse style of clothes that you can’t put together. This problem usually happens in my ladies who are avid Instagram or Pinterest users. You see a woman wearing or boho clothes, wearing casual clothes, or sexy clothes, or elegant outfits and you immediately go out and purchase it. You are buying into trends and every piece of clothing that is cute and when it comes time to get dressed you have no idea how to combine all of the different styles of clothing. Your closet is all over the place, and this will never work for anyone. My recommendation is to establish your personal style and eliminate the clothes that don’t fit into that style. Problem #2: You don’t feel comfortable/confident in the clothes you wear.  Your clothes may be too baggy, too tight, too ingenious, too dressy or it just absolutely doesn’t make you feel good. I advise that you look through the 8 Personal styles at, experiment with a couple of the styles you think fits you until you find clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Problem #3: You only love and wear two or three things that are in your closet out of the many that you have. Sometimes it happens where you have a lot of apparels, but you only wear a select few. This problem usually occurs to the budget shoppers, those who buy clothing solely because it is on sale and not because they want or need it or those who buy any beautiful outfits they view on others. My suggested answer is to eliminate every piece of clothing that you don’t wear/like and purchase clothing similar to the ones that you do enjoy wearing. More than plausible there is a personal style that corresponds with the clothing’s you like to wear. Look through the eight personal styles and discover which one fits your style best. Image result for woman thinking about what to wear If you sometimes love and feel confident in your wardrobe, the following problems may describe your issue Problem #1: You feels as if nothing looks right on you.  Your clothes are either too tight, too baggy or they just don’t fit you in the right places. The first and most important solution is to read through the eight personal style types and pick the one that most resembles your style or what you’d like to wear. Determine if there are any clothes in your closet that does make you feel a bit confident. If you utterly do not like any of your clothes, try looking up apparel for your specific body type. Problem#2: Your clothes feel boring and plain.  People who feel this way usually have chosen the wrong personal style or don’t know how to style their clothing. I recommend that you re-define your personal style if you have already established one and experiment with different clothes until you find the ones that you find attractive. If you have not discovered your personal style, read through the eight personal styles and pick one that fits you and your lifestyle problem#3: You don’t know what to wear. You have many clothes, but you don’t know what to wear, or you don’t know what to wear because you have too little clothes. Often, the problem is a lack of basics that fit your personal style.  I recommend that you look at the eight personal styles and try to figure out which ones you like most. Create a Pinterest account and create an inspiration board. Add pins from the style you’d like to achieve to your board. Purchase similar outfits on your board to see if you would enjoy wearing them.


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