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7 Essentials For A Luxurious Dining Room

A dining room is a room in an apartment, condo, townhome, that is made specifically for eating meals such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Nowadays, mostly bigger homes contain a separate dining room. Many houses don’t have a different or formal dining room, but they usually have a prominent dining space traditionally close to the kitchen.
Creating a dining room or dining area that looks luxurious and expensive doesn’t have to cost a lot. You want to furnish the dining room to look and feel extravagant. You can make your dining room look extravagant by using metallic pieces, ornate crystal glassware, luxury colors such as gold and silver, leather, and neutral colors such as grey or beige.


A beautiful spacious area rug is a high starting point for styling your dining room. Area rugs, in general, are essential and elevate your room. Your area rug is critical and should be the basis of your dining room because you will be designing your dining room based on the colors of your rug. Your carpet should be wide enough so that people can freely move their chairs without scratching and damaging the floor.


You should consider how much space you have and how many people will sit in your table before you purchase your dining table. Elongated oval or rectangular tables are best suited for larger rooms. Square or round tables look best in smaller dining rooms. Your room will feel tiny if you use a dining table that is too big.


Your dining chairs are as equally important as your dining table. Your chairs should be comfortable and flow with your design. Padded chair seats are great for a spacious and luxury dining room; padded chair seats fill the bill. If you have little children, a bench or chairs in leather or wood may be more suited for you as it is easy to clean. Be mindful of the sizes of your chairs. A good rule of thumb is to leave at 36 inches or more around the border of the table.

Other Dining Furnitures

Buffet and Sideboard

A buffet and a sideboard furniture names are usually used interchangeably. The name then changes based on where the furniture is placed. If you place the furniture in the living room, it is called a sideboard. If you place the furniture in the dining room, it is now called a buffet. These types of furniture can be of great use to store silverware, serving plates, and since the top is usually low, you can use it as a coffee bar as well. Buffets are higher than sideboards and credenza below.


You may have also heard of a credenza, which is similar to a buffet in terms of use. A credenza or cabinet-style furniture either has very short legs or no legs at all and has sliding doors. A credenza can be used in an office as well. When it comes to practicality and function, credenzas and buffets are relatively similar.

Console Table

Here is another common term you may have heard. Console tables can be used virtually anywhere around the house and similarly console/buffet; its name changes based on where it is. A console table in the dining room is a console table, and its name changes to a sofa table when it is position behind a sofa. In addition to its use in the living-dining room, console tables look good in narrow spaces, such as hallways.


A hutch consist of a set of shelves or cabinets placed on top of a smaller unit with a counter, such as a sideboard or a buffet. Historically you could easily remove the top part off and use the bottom for other purposes. The hutch can be small with open shelving or tall with cabinets. Hutches are usually use to display china and glassware. Hutches, unlike formal china, can be used anywhere in the house, such as the dining room, the bedroom, or another room in the home.


China Cabinets were invented by china a thousand years ago and are specially designed and built to protect and display extravagant formal dinnerware and silverwate.

So which one do you need?
It all depends on the amount of space. If your dining space or dining area is small, maybe a buffet, console, credenza, or sideboard. If your space is mid-range in the term in case, a meal, console, credenza or table, and a Hutch or China. If you have a large area, you can maybe do a buffet, credenza or sideboard, China, and a Console for your wine if you want to air your wine, or you can purchase a bar.

Table Cloths and Runner

A table runner is a piece of cloth that is narrow in length that is regularly placed in the center and on top of tablecloths or a bare dining table. To bring focus to your dazzling centerpiece, choose a table runner that is short length to put in the center of the table so that it can bring all of the attention to your centerpiece. If you use a cloth beneath the table runner, be sure that the table cloth aligns perfectly. You can use a table runner without a cloth on the table, but for a modernized look, use both a runner with a contrasting pattern color or pattern to a tablecloth.

A Centerpiece

A centerpiece is a decorative piece or display placed in the middle of a dining or serving table that help set the theme of your other decorations and bring extra adornments to the the table and dining room. There are many things you can use as a centerpiece for your dining room; you can use candles, you can use fresh fruit to add color to the dining table, you can do a random assortment of things such as rocks, a collection of vases, or books. Be creative with this one.


Wall Art

Similarly to anywhere in your home, you can place Arts in your dining room. Simply make sure that it flows well with your color palette.


You can do a lot with mirrors in your dining room. A mirror is commonly placed above your buffet or console table or right next to the dining room table.


Lighting is a critical part of any dining room because it sets the mood. Historically, chandeliers were primarily in dining rooms in bigger homes, but today there are more styles, finishes, shapes, and sizes for any home. Choose lighting based on the mood you want to set and the size of your room.

One last tip is to imagine your favorite restaurant, think about how it makes you feel, what you like about it, and try to give your dining room that same vibe. If it’s the lighting you admire, simulate it. If it is the decorations, find similar decorations. Using an example of what you want is an excellent place to start. What are your decorating plans for your dining room?


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