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Feeling comfortable is especially important during this time of self-quarantine, where we have to practice social distancing by staying home. Whether you’re not working, and especially if you are working, looking your best is one of the critical things that will help make your day productive. It is both possible to be comfortable and look cute, and these essentials can help. In general, loungewear is easy-to-wear to wear clothes from sweatshirts, matching sets, jogger pants to slip on shoes. The most crucial key to lounge clothes is comfort, and that is subjective, but what we should avoid wearing is 20 years old faded, ripped clothing that doesn’t make us feel our best. You will be spending lots of time at home, so it is worth it to purchase cute basics to wear at home.


Bralette is the perfect undergarment to wear at home. Why? because bralette is a bra that is underwire-free and is very comfortable, therefore you don’t feel constricted while wearing them. .Additionally, it is super stylish, so it doesn’t look like an undergarment.

Dressing Gown

A dressing gown is used interchangeably with a robe, but there is a distinction. A dressing is made explicitly for lounging around the house, versus a bathrobe and would be more ideal for lounging. A bathrobe is used right after a bath and is usually made from a material that can absorb water from the skin.


Your loungewear tops can be as comfortable as you want it to be. You can wear a loose t-shirt or trendy t-shirts such as tie-dye t-shirts or animal print ones.


Your ideal loungewear bottoms should be comfortable for you. Most prefer loose and lightweight items, and some prefer pants such as leggings that are a bit tighter. You can also be trendy here or keep it simple.

Matching Sets

This year we have seen the trend of wearing matching tops and bottoms, particularly among celebrities. This look is not only trendy, but it also looks expensive and well put together.


For the summer, you can wear a lightweight cardigan or hoodie in the house if your AC is blowing, and it’s chilly. In the winter, a sweater may be more comfortable for lounging.

Accessories and Misc

You’ll need accessories to match your loungewear such as comfy socks, headscarf, fur throw, etc.

What are your favorite loungewear essentials? Comment below!


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