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How many of you find yourself going to the mall everytime you’re planning to go to the club because you genuinely don’t know what to wear? Buying brand new clothes for nearly every event, especially the club is extremely common because as easy and straightforward as it sounds to throw on something cute and sexy and go to the club, it isn’t. Some days you may not feel like wearing anything short, some days you don’t feel like wearing heels, and sometimes you want to explore different clothing options, but you may not be sure if it is sexy enough or if it would look appropriate for the club.
Fortunately and unfortunately, dressing for the club is simple, and there aren’t too many outfit options that you can explore like you probably can’t wear jeans. My go-to club essentials are crop tops and a skirt. Short-sleeved or sleeveless crop-tops in the summer and long-sleeved crop tops in the winter. You cannot go wrong with crop tops. Another go-to club essentials are bodysuits, for some reason these basic tops genuinely look flawless with nearly anything you wear. Similarly to crop-tops, you can wear short-sleeved bodysuits in summer and long sleeved ones in the winter.

What to wear to the club in general

The possibilities are endless with the outfits that you can create to go to the club. The key to the club dressing is sexiness, and the key to not too much sexiness is to make your outfit very stylish. Therefore, you don’t have to feel pressured into always wearing tight clothes or show too much skin, although you can if that is your preference. You can dress sexy in a way that flatters your body type and make you feel comfortable. Below are two simple outfit formulas for the club that looks proportionate.
The rule of proportions when you’re getting dressed is to combine pieces of clothing that are uneven in proportion to each other. Try not to wear clothes such as tops and bottoms that are the same length. Combine short and long garments. For the clubwear, if you wear a simple top, wear a sexy skirt or pants to balance it and if you wear a simple skirt or pants, wear a sexy shirt to balance your outfit and add proportions to your attire. This way you’ll look stylish and classy simultaneously.

When dressing to go to the club, don’t overthink or overdo your attire. Picking your outfit for the club is one of the many instances where you can wear the same outfit formula every single time. You merely have to get a bit creative and switch up the styles of the clothing such as halter top, laced-up skirts, etc.

Outfit #1: Crop-top  or Bodysuit+Bottom

The easiest way to get dressed to the club is to wear sexy tops and plain bottoms or sexy bottoms and plain tops. Your shirts don’t necessarily have to be crop-tops or bodysuits. I find that crop-top and body-suit type of garments fit the body well and is particularly quite suited for the club. The club is hot, and your goal is to wear as thin of fabric material as you can. Your bottoms can be pants or skirt depending on your preference. I find that high waist pants are very sexy for the club. Additionally, high waist pants are university flattering on many women.

Outfit #2:  Sexy dresses

Wearing only dresses to wear to the club can be a get expensive if you attend the club a lot because you’ll probably end up buying a new dress each time you visit the club. Many people don’t want to wear the same style of dresses back to back so its natural that you’ll spend a lot of money if dresses are your style of clothing preferences for the club. If you have the funds and you only love wearing dresses, several stores sell cute and sexy dresses for the club. The list of clothing stores that sells fantastic clubwear clothing is at the end of the post.

Black Dress Windsor

Club outfits without heels

Outfit #3: Top + Skirt + Lace up Flat Shoes

If stilettos or any type of heel height is not your style and you want to go to the club without heels, you want to lengthen your legs as much as possible by wearing shoes that mimic heels. The best shoe that does this are lace up shoes. If you’re a tall woman, it is relatively easy to wear any type of shoes that have many straps. If you are a petite woman, too many straps on the shoes may compress your leg and make you look shorter than you are. Therefore, either wear nude shoes or purchase shoes with thin or very minimal straps.

Outfit#4: Top + Pants + Ankle booties

You can also rely on ankle booties if you do not like wearing heels. Depending on the state you live, you may get away with wearing ankle booties year round, but this attire may be more appropriate for the winter. Again, choose ankle booties that are the best fitting for your height and size. Petite women should invest in ankle booties that cover the entire ankles because it will give the illusion of taller and longer legs which is your ultimate goals since you will not be wearing heels.

Club outfits with jeans

I understand, not everyone likes to wear a skirt or trousers. If you find that jeans are more flattering on your body or you prefer jeans over anything, that is perfectly ok. For clubwear, it is best to invest in black and white jeans because the club itself is a dressy event and there are dress codes in some clubs. Nowadays there are jeggings which look like jeans but are made of softer materials and they some jeggings look dressy enough to replace trousers. 

Outfit #5: Crop top or bodysuit + Highwaisted Black or White Denim Jeans

The key to dressing in jeans to the club is to wear a sexy top. The jeans itself is already very basic and pretty casual. Therefore you want to balance your jeans by wearing a sexy shirt. For example; you can wear white jeans with a black leather cropped top or you can wear your black jeans with a white laced body-suits. Most people won’t even be able to tell that you’re wearing jeans. Throw on your sexy pumps or sandals, and go have a good time!

Club outfits in the winter

the style of clothes doesn’t really change that much, the colours are lighter and brighter in the summer. less black/dark colours.The issue with dressing during the winter is that it is cold outside but it can get fairly hot inside of the club.  So you want to dress to be comfortable enough in either situations. Also bear in mind that most clubs don’t have an area where you can stick your coat, or jacket , so if you wear one, you’ll have to hold in if you get hot inside of the club. So you have to dress stratigically to voind freezing indie. Thus; I recommend relying on accessories to make your outfit shine and wear metallics. A luxe silver or gold skirt will look fabulous with a cute black bodysuit.

Outfit #7 : Long sleeved top or bodysuit + Mini Skirt + Thigh-high Boots

In the winter it gets cold. Naturally, you’ll want to wear your comfy boots. You can wear your boots to the club. The key is again about proportions and what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. When you are wearing your favorite pair boots with skirts, it is best to show a little bit of skin. Thus; if you wear thigh-high boots, wear a mini skirt. Only a tiny portion of your skin will be exposed to the cold. If you wear a midi skirt, you can then wear your ankle booties.

Outfit #6: Long sleeved Crop Top or body suit + Midi Skirt + Pumps or heeled ankle bootie

A midi skirt is a classic staple for dressy events, especially the club. If you decide that you want to wear a midi skirt, you can either wear pumps or sandals in the summer or heeled ankle booties in the winter. Similarly to what I said earlier, you want to show a bit of skin. It wouldn’t look as flattering to wear a midi skirt that reaches below your knee with a thigh-high boot. A good rule of thumb is, if you’re staring at your outfit in the mirror and you feel like something is wrong, it is probably due to proportions. Check this first off your list before you change your entire ensemble.

Outfit # 7: Long Sleeved Dresses

For the winter, sometimes it is just easier to throw on a long sleeved dress that is warm and comfy. You can choose to invest in long sleeved dresses. While these will probably be more expensive in the winter, if you are absolutely a fan of dresses, spend in basic long sleeved dresses that you can accessorize and wear with different colored shoes. When you decide to wear mini long-sleeved dresses, pair it with thigh-high boots or laced up shoes, and when you wear midi dresses, pair with pumps or heeled ankle booties.

Tie Waist Dress Windsor

Overall as you can see from this post, dressing for the club isn’ t very complicated and does not have to break your bank account. There is no need for you to purchase clubbing outfits every single weekend or every single time that you’re going to the club. The solution is to pay attention to your proportions because this will help you look stylish and classy simultaneously. Remember the formula: sexy top, simple bottom, simple top, sexy bottom or mini skirt with a bit more reserved top and revealing top and a more reserved bottom.
You can also dress as telling as you want if that is your preference. It is the club, dress how you feel comfortable. You can choose to wear heels, flats or boots. You have infinite possibilities of clothing options for the club available to you. My recommendation is to invest in skirts and trousers that can take you from the day to the night, such as pull-on pants and skirt in a stretchy fabric. You can wear your pull-on skirt or pants with a blouse and blazer for work and a crop top and body suit to the club.

List of stores that sell cute clubbing clothes


ASOS is one of the UK’s largest fashion and beauty stores that sells clothes only online. Asos primarily serves me and women of ages 18– 34. ASOS sells its own collection of clothes as well as fashion from different brands.ASOS sells excellent quality trendy clothes, and they have a wide range of size accommodations for tall, petite, regular, curvy, plus size and more. ASOS have extremely sexy dresses and basics like crop-tops, bodysuits and pencil skirts. The last fantastic thing about Asos is that they sell a lot of unique clothing options. Therefore; shopping at ASOS ensures you’ll look novel and chic.


Windsor was founded by two brothers in 1937 Los Angeles California. The prices are very reasonable for outfits that you may want to buy to the club, and the clothing’s quality is in the middle range. The clothing options for the club are extraordinarily flattering and incredibly sexy. Windsor store have a distinct section for club wear; they have a part for crop tops, a portion for body-suits plus many more. They will probably have whatever that you like to wear to the club in stock. They have amazing deals in store such as $7.00 dresses etc.


Revolve is a store that sells luxury designer items at a more discounted prices. At first look, the store is seemingly expensive, but the clearance section is terrific. You can find tops under $20.00, bottoms under 30.00, and accessories under $15.00. I absolutely adore the products that Revolve sells in its online website, especially their dress, crop-top, shoes, and jewelry selection. Revolve has so much variety and indeed have an option for all fashion styles. Revolve sells clothing that genuinely looks expensive.
They have a fantastic range of clothes that you can wear to the club. If you want to look like a luxe babe, shop at revolve. No one will have on the same outfit as you as their pieces are such unique and different styles are always going on sale.
Additionally, the clothes aren’t made specifically for outlet stores, so the clothes that they sell are top quality fashion at pretty good prices. Revolve offers free returns which are a significant plus for people who don’t live near a store and the packages always arrive at a decent time. Revolve is my go-to store for absolutely any type of clothing or accessories or shows.

Princess Poly

Princess Poly is an Australian Online Fashion Boutique. Princess Poly has accurate sizing conversion from AU to the US. Compared some of the other international online retail stores, Princess Polly is affordable as well, and the quality of their clothes is fantastic. They have a good range of clothing, cosmetics, shoes, and accessories that caters to many different styles. The store also offers Afterparty, which is a massive bonus and super convenient because you don’t have to pay the full amount of the things you purchase all at once, the payment is split into four installments as long as you spend $35.00 and above.


Express is an excellent store to shop for high-quality clothing and apparel. Express store possesses a vast variety of clothes such as work and professional clothes, to cocktail and party clothes that are more of a classic style. If you want to invest in party clothing that will last you a couple of years, also, to Revolve Store, express is a fantastic store for high-quality pieces. Express has a variety of styles, and they are always coming out with new items. Many people consider express to be expensive but they tend to have amazing deals throughout the year such as 50% off of everything, and you can always take an extra 30-50% off of their clearances items. Additionally, they have a reward program that pays off fairly quickly

Top Shop

Top Shop is a European store with excellent quality clothes that are very trendy and relatively affordable. Topshop sells their items at their online store as well as Nordstrom. My favorite pieces from Topshop are their basics. They have attractive, trendy dresses, crop tops, well-made shoes, and accessories for your clubwear. Furthermore, Topshop always has great promotions and sales so that you can find some cute trendy pieces on their clearance section.

What are some of your favorite clubbing outfits and what are some of your favorite stores to shop for going out or clubbing outfits?


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