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In every blog and every fashionista, you converse with will tell you that you must have a black dress because it is a significant closet staple. Supposedly, you can instantly throw on a black dress with anything and storm out of the door to any event. Now,, in reality, we all know this is not entirely simple. A black dress is just a black dress, and sometimes it looks exceedingly plain when you throw it on without any statement pieces or outerwear. So how then can you customize your black dress for whatever event you’re going to and to your taste? I will tell you 7 ways to style your little black dress in this post.

Dressing up a black dress for a wedding

In the past, it was a fashion no-no to wear black dresses to a wedding, but today I can tell you that you can wear your black dress to any wedding. If you pick the right length material and accessorize accurately, you can confidently wear black to a wedding. I always advise a simple long elegant dress for a conservative wedding, and you wear a shorter dress for a less formal wedding.
Secondly, add bold accessories and wear your diamond jewelry whether they are genuine or faux. Statement jewelry will also look amazing but don’t overdo it. If you wear a chunky statement necklace, opt for smaller earrings and if you wear a chunky pendant, opt for a smaller chain. Additionally, you can wear a shawl with your black dress to a wedding.

Shoe colors to wear with a black dress to a wedding

Metallics like silver, gold, or rose gold, are always safe for weddings because it helps to enhance the jewelry you plan to wear with your dress. Additionally, you can wear other colors like pink purple depending on the season of the wedding.

Wearing a black dress casually

If you specifically want to purchase black dresses to wear casually, opt for bodycon maxi, mini or midi dresses that are easy to dress down. When dressing down your black dress, you can wear it with a moto jacket, chambray jacket or you can tie a plaid shirt at your waist. For shoes, you can wear your sneaker, flat sandals, ballet flat, or loafers.

Accessories for a black dress in the evening

For an evening I would highly recommend you wear a pair of stud earrings and dainty necklaces with a black dress so you can look classy, elegant and expensive.

Givenchy Necklace Set

Wearing a black dress in winter

You can dress a mini black dress in knee-high boots, ankle boots, and throw on your trench coat for an effortless and chic look.

Adding color to a black dress and making a black dress stand out 

You can virtually wear a black dress with any colors. Here is an example below:

What are some ways that you like to style your black dress?


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