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Do you sometimes find yourself buying a ton of jewelry and you barely wear them? The problem is that you aren’t investing in essential jewelry pieces. Just like your wardrobe, you need staple jewelry pieces that can you can wear anytime and for any occasion and you also need timeless pieces that you will own for years. No matter what your style is, you only need a few pieces of jewelry to add that extra zazz to your outfit. Here are the 8 must-have jewelry pieces for your wardrobe.

Fine Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

You should own a classic set of diamond necklace and studs because these will be your go-to’s when you want to look sexy and elegant. You can purchase these at virtually any price point -real or faux, and you can buy any stone color such as silver or gold depending on your preference.

Top and Most classic jewelry

Another must-have jewelry is a piece of classic Jewelry, such as pearls, a two-tone menswear watch, and bangles. Pearls are perfect for the work office as it displays elegance, class, and femininity. Additionally, you need a watch that can take you from day to night and will match ad upgrade every outfit such as a two-tone watch. Moreover, a bangle is another must have that can replace your watch at any time. Choose a bracelet that will work day to night.

Gold jewelry investment

You should invest in real gold jewelry because gold always keeps a value and like designer handbags, you can resell your gold jewelry for a reasonable price and get most of your money back. Furthermore, real gold is of higher quality and will last a lot longer than costume jewelry. There are many brands to choose from such as Bvlgari or Cartier. One of the most popular gold jewelry this summer has been the. Who doesn’t love a Cartier?

Fall jewelry trends 

This year’s fashion trends has to be one of the best ones, in clothes shoes and especially jewelry. In the summer, we saw a lot of the lariat necklaces, the coin necklace or the upside down moon necklace and while these pieces are still highly purchased, there are some new additions to the fall. Some of the fall jewelry trends are duster earring, the chunky chained necklace, the creative drop earring made of letters, Christmas trees, etc.., the cuff earring, the initial pendant necklace, and the chunky twisted earring. Indulge in as many of this trend as you wish, but I would recommend purchasing about around three pieces.

What are your key favorite jewelry pieces?


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