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business plan, charts, graphs In the past, we were able to readily walk into a building, ask for a job application and maybe even receive a chance to speak to a hiring manager and make a remembering impression. You may still be able to do that today, but it has become pretty challenging as the job application process is strictly performed electronically. You are competing with hundreds of candidates, and you do not have the opportunity to make an impression on the hiring manager. The only tool you have under your belt and the single entity that speaks for you is your resume. I would like to add that the days of falsifying your qualifications and experiences are over, do apply to jobs that you are qualified for so that you do not waste your time. If you are able, hire a professional to help you write your resume because it is your way to the door and it is worth your investment.  Once you have a  professional and winning resume use this powerful resume hack that I will list below to help you land the job you want. Plan  Plan on applying to at least five jobs a week. Completing applications to five positions a week may seem like a challenging task, particularly if you have limited experience but be sure to look thoroughly in every search engines and every app you can think off to find that job you want.  Some places to look for jobs Company Websites Some Companies don’t post every job on job boards. It usually costs money to post jobs in job boards such as indeed, therefore some companies, especially smaller ones post their jobs on their websites. It is always a good idea to search google for a couple of companies in your area and visit each web page for a job listing.  School Job Board If you are in college or have just graduated, chances are your school has a job board that you can use. I recommend applying to these first as they are usually catered to students who are currently in school or who have just graduated and need entry-level jobs. Indeed Indeed is the number 1 job boards and for good reasons. I have found the majority of my jobs from indeed, and other people will attest to this as well. Other pretty good Job boards are listed below.  usajobs.Gov Monster Career Builder Simply Hired Research Qualified Jobs Research the jobs that you want and are qualified for and make a list. Particularly the job description and what they are looking for in a candidate. You can use google docs or google sheets to store your findings. Here is an Example:
1. Pharmacy Technician
Westchester General Hospital – Miami, FL
Per diem position available. Be able to work with minimal supervision, experience in preparing IV drug preparation, dispensing reconciling and record keeping, inventory control, minimum of 3 years hospital experience. Job Type: Part-time Experience: Pharmacy Technician: 1 year License: Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) If you have a pharmacy certification and have been a tech for one year you may apply for this job.  Here is the information that you cannot and should not falsify. Tweak your resume to show that you can work with minimal supervision and that you have the experiences required.
Modify Your Resume Tweak your resume to match the descriptions of the five jobs you have chosen. Applying to so many jobs at once may be tedious,  so for the first week, start with five posts, so will have five different versions of your resume saved. You can use google docs for this so you can avoid clogging your computer with files. Apply To Your List Of Jobs Apply to each job. If you have more time and energy apply to five more jobs; however, if you are busy applying to five different positions the next week using the same technique. Keep doing this until you have landed the job you want. adult, business, businesswoman   I hope these tools are helpful. Please comment below and let me know what hacks you use to find a job and if I can help you in any way.


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