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Are you struggling with pimples and scars in your face? There is a solution to dark spots in your skin. Our skin is one of the most important organs in our body.  Skin along with hair and nails make up of our integumentary system, and it guards the rest of the body by keeping out many threats from the environment, such as contamination by microorganisms, cosmic radiation, and harmful elements. 
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One of the common problems encountered with skin is Brown spots. Brown spots on skin are called hyperpigmentation, chloasma, or melasma, and can occur due to various reasons; the most common is due to acne from birth-control pills, pregnancy, or estrogen replacement therapy.  The problem of hyperpigmentation has caused many people to abuse their skin.  Many cosmetics companies create products that aim and claim to lighten the skin, and while some products may work, they may also come with many side effects in addition to even darker skin after discontinued use. Another way the skin is regularly abused is by using heavy makeup to conceal the discolored scars or brown spots. This is also not a solution to your dark spot. One of the underlying causes of hyperpigmentation is the sun. Before considering skin lightening treatment or covering dark spots with makeup, sunscreen is the best option for a solution to your dark spot. Sun protection factor  (SPF) is a worldwide system, stating how much protection a sunscreen provides, applied to the skin at a thickness of 2 mg/cm2. If it takes 10 minutes to burn without sunscreen and 100 minutes to burn with sunscreen, then the SPF of that sunscreen is 10 (100/10). It is always recommended to use an Always using an oil-free sunscreen of at least SPF 15 and reapply every couple of hours.


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