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Introduction to Drop Shipping

Have you ever wanted to open an online store, but lack the extensive funds to purchase the necessary products to stock it up? Today, many people are shifting to Drop shipping as a result of the enormous cost of stocking a store from scratch. With Drop shipping, you don’t have to worry about buying thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise that may or may not be profitable. Drop shipping is effortless to start, and you do not require a business Degree or business expertise to begin. I will briefly discuss What is Drop shipping , How to get started with Drop shipping and Some verified dropshipping companies that is in my e-book  A-Z List of Over 150 Dropship Suppliers for Your Business. This book is available on Amazon for  just $4.99.

What is Dropshipping

Drop Shipping is a type of Retail Fulfillment. Retail Fulfilment can be defined as the overall process of acquiring, packaging, and shipping orders to consumers, particularly in e-commerce.Drop shipping is the Retail Fulfillment method where the merchant doesn’t handle the actual products themselves. The merchant doesn’t keep the physical products that it sells in stock but rather, once a customer makes a purchase, the merchant purchases the item from a third party- usually a wholesaler or manufacturer and they ship the order directly to the customer.The most significant difference between the Drop shipping method and the Retail Fulfillment method is that the merchant who is selling the product to the customer doesn’t have an inventory and instead purchases the products on an as-needed base from a specified third party.

How Dropshipping Works

1. The customer places an order from a retailer or merchant. 

 2. The merchant orders that product from the dropshipping supplier with the customer’s information.

 3. The dropshipping supplier, in turn, packages and ships the order directly to the customer using the retailer’s information. When the supplier excludes its name from the product, it is called ‘blind shipping.’ Not every dropshipping supplier blind ships. If this is important to you,  request it or choose a supplier who specifically blind ships.


Choosing a niche is the fundamental step to commencing a business using the Drop shipping model. The concept of a niche can be described as the concentration of energy to a small but particular portion of the population. You can determine a niche by identifying the necessities, wants, and requirements that are lacking from other stores. It is crucial here to choose a niche that you’ll be successful in and that other stores lack because it will be highly challenging to make a profit from a niche that is saturated.

Tax ID

The requirement to set your business in the United States or Canada is a sales tax ID, also called as retail/reseller’s license, tax ID, resale number, resale certificate or vendor’s license. You need a tax ID for most states except for Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. The government imposes a sales tax on the sale of all goods and services. A merchant collects the sales tax during a sale and then it is passed on to the government. Sales tax is typically about 6-9% of the sale price depending on the location.

Selling Platform

You can sell items on an established platform such as eBay or Amazon, or you can build an online store.  Building an online store will require you to start from scratch with no customer base that is automatically rendered to you from an established store like eBay, and you will, therefore, have a disadvantage of slowed profit, but if you are persistent and strategic in the advertisement for your store, you will likely be successful. The downside of using eBay or Amazon is that you are limited in what you can sell and you have to pay costlier selling fees than if you created your online store, however, you are likely to gain customers much more quickly using an established platform. Whichever method you choose, your success rests in your tenacity and advertisement.

Dropshipping Supplier

One method of acquiring drop shipping suppliers is to type whatever products you need plus “dropshipping supplier” into Google.  The problem with a google search is that you are susceptible to eCommerce fraud. The second method is to search for your product on websites such as or The problem with Alibaba and Aliexpress is that delivery tends to be pretty long. Thus, you need a safe drop shipping supplier for your store. In my ebook is a list of over 150 verified suppliers that you can use for your store and is available to purchase on Amazon for just $4.99.


Did you purchase the book and were you able to set up your online store and find at least 1 supplier that suited your need? Comment below or send me an email


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