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How many of you thought that business casual meant that you could throw on a pair of jeans and a beautiful blouse or blazer? While a cute pair of jeans and a blazer sounds like the perfect way to combine business and casual, it, unfortunately, is not how you dress “business casually.” Let’s define business casual and look at what we can and cannot wear.

It is vital to differentiate business-professional from business-casual. Business professional is where you dress entirely in a full suit, matching skirt set or matching pants set. Business-casual attire is also as conservative as a business-professional attire, and you have to look classic, neat and clean. However, it is less formal. An excellent way to dress business casually is to exchange one of the articles of clothing from business-professional with something else. For example, if you have a full black suit, you can swap the black suit top for a cute blouse or wear a different colored blazer such as gray, black or even pink and red with your skirt

Commonly asked questions.

1.Are polo’s business casual?

The answer is yes unless your specific workplace does not allow it.

2. Are jeans business casual?

The answer is no. Instead you can wear slacks or get away with khaki’s provided they are well-made.

Business casual examples


These can be straight legged, bootcut, skinny or the trendy tie-waist pants. A black slack or pair or trouser is also an essential item to have in your closet.

Button up shirt

Another closet essential is a button up shirt. These are perfect for interviews and business-casual workplace.

Dress Shirt or blouse

Your dress shirt or blouse doesn’t have to be dull or boring for a business casual dress code. You can virtually pick any that you want.

Chic coat

You don’t have to stick to just black and camel colors for your coat. You can be a little trendy. Just keep it minimal. It may not be ideal to wear a leopard print Teddy coat.


Perhaps the easiest way to dress for any dress code is to buy a dress. You literarily can pick it up and throw it on. Wrap dressed are universally flattering on all women and sheath dresses like below are the globally accepted business appropriate dresses.

Skirt at or below knee length

Another item you can be trendy with is your skirts such as the plaid skirt with the side ruffle below.

Knit shirt or sweater

A knit shirt or sweater is perfect for the cooler weather; you can throw one on under a blazer or wear it on on its own.

Dress shoes covering all or most of the foot

Business Casual Dress Code Policy

As far as the business-casual dress code policy, if you understand the things you should not wear. The things that you should be very easy and straightforward. Try to avoid wearing the following:

  1. Sundresses of any kind whether its long or short
  2. T-shirts and graphics or logo T-shirts
  3. Spaghetti straps, off the shoulder blouses unless you’re wearing a blazer on top
  4. Leggings or spandex pants
  5. Jeans or denim shirts
  6. Tennis shoes or casual sandals/flip-flops
  7. Cargo pants. Although now tie-waist jogger-like pants are becoming popular and are made into dressy trouser styles
  8. A statement or blingy jewelry
  9. Short. There are specific Bermuda trousers made for the business events. Depending on the function you’re attending, or where you work, you may be able to wear it.
  10. Sequin or shiny clothing
  11. Short skirts

There are so may dress codes out there, and sadly, we cannot escape the ones for the business setting as we do have to work for a living. Remember business-casual doesn’t mean jeans. It just means that you do not have to wear your full Calvin Klein suit. You can mix and match your pencil skirts or pants with different colored blouses or button-ups; you can wear different colored shoes although you should try to keep it as neutral as you can.

Were you just as confused as many others about “business casual” dress code?




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