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Have you been taking any advantages of holiday sales? Are you merely buying clothes, or are you purchasing essential pieces with the new year in mind? With 2020 quickly drawing nearer, I have composed a summary of the essential pieces that you need in your closet for 2020; I am confident that these are the ones you will want to wear during the year 2020 and beyond. A considerable amount of these pieces are absolute closet necessities that you may have as of now if you have been following the blog for some time.

If you lack any essential articles of clothing that you know you will need, right now is maybe an ideal opportunity to buy them because there are such huge of sales during the holiday seasons. Initiate purchasing your spring garments and summer items as they will be eminently less expensive than if you bought them later on in 2020.

You may not require each piece in this checklist. However, you will probably need most of the wardrobe basics. On the off chance that you have each fundamental component in this checklist, you will be set to dress for almost any occasion that you need to visit. There are sufficient pieces to make full work closet basics, church fundamentals, ladies’ night out, night out on the town, travel essentials, and so on.

2020 Closet staples checklist: Tops

One surely wardrobe staple that every woman needs are basic tops, undershirts, long sleeve tops, sweatshirts, or sweaters in neutral colors. Same with blouses. Leopard and florals are immense trending patterns in 2020, if you like these prints, be sure to pick up a few pieces to add to your wardrobe.

2020 Closet basics checklist: Pants

An absolute essential for working gals are trousers in neutral colors such as blue, grey, blue, camel. These pants are also very versatile and can be worn day to night and casually as well.

2020 Closet basics checklist: Jeans

Do you generally only stick to blue jeans? Try adding grey, black, and white, and you’ll see how expanded your closet will get. You can easily trade your blue jeans for s black, grey and white to look dressier, more chic and classy.

2020 Closet basics checklist: Skirt

I’ve added a neutral-colored skirt that will pair well with all of the tops and blouses above plus trendy pieces- leopard and polka dot skirt.

2020 Closet basics checklist: Dresses

If you don’t have any dresses that you can reach for when you’re in a rush or don’t know what to wear, buy one now. Neutral colors are always classy, and pair well with everything and wrap dresses are universally flattering on all body types. Be sure to purchase dresses that will make you feel sexy and confident.

2020 Closet basics checklist: Coats and Jackets

In addition to your regular winter coats, lighter jackets such as the denim, sweaters, and moto are a must-have for a chic closet. Additionally, purchase coats in 2 neutral colors such as blue, black, white, camel, etc. and in another color that you love, such as red, pink, green etc…a colorful coat can conveniently dress up your outfit on days where you need to throw on something and go. Blazers are also essentials even if you don’t work at an office because they always elevate an outfit and are useful for events like interviews etc.

2020 Closet basics checklist: Shoes

Shoes are one of the closet pieces that vary amongst people. I may like heels; you may like flats or sneakers. Preferences are ok! It is choosing the right material, the right colors, and the right shoes for the specific occasions that matter. Whether you like flat or heels, you should always have a pair in nude and black color. Gold and Silver are also extraordinary color shoes to have when you want to be dressier or elevate your outfit.
The same concept goes for summer shoes, start with your neutrals +/- gold and Silver, and then explore more options. It is best to purchase pieces that are versatile and won’t force you to continually have to invest in new clothes to match your shoes.

2020 Closet basics checklist: Accessories

Accessories is another broad category of closet essential that our preferences may differ. A classic handbag is a closet essential even if you don’t like bags. Purchase a well made such as one below or a non-branded high-quality one. Pieces of jewelry are excellent to elevate any and every outfit. Scarves and hats preferences vary from person to person, but they are great accessories as well. If you like belts, purchase high-quality ones that will surely elevate your outfit. Not only can sunglasses serve as protection in the summer, but it can also make your outfit look better, make you look better when you lack sleep, etc.

This checklist should hopefully cover virtually every closet essentials you may require in 2020. Getting dressed ought to be progressively fun and less distressing. I hope this list will help make your dressing in 2020 enjoyable stress-free. Happy Holidays,

Is your wardrobe ready for 2020? What are you missing or wish you had in your closet?


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  1. hi
    i LOVED this.
    Can you tell me the name of the jackets/blazers, i have clicked on the inks and they no longer show:
    the back & navy military style blazers, the red/black/beige trench coats can you send me the links or post the make & model so i can get them?

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