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Have you ever wanted a handbag you couldn’t afford?  Today’s market makes it possible for you to own handbags that are similar to the expensive original brand who created it. That is termed designer inspired handbags. Let’s explore more terms……

“Buy less, Choose well”

Replica, Counterfeit, Dupe? What do these terms mean?

A counterfeit is exact near-perfect copy of a designers brand that is hard to distinguish from the original. The counterfeiter is putting a brand name on a product that is fake. They have the exact logo, shape, design of the designer or brand they’re copying. Counterfeits are illegal in most Western countries.

A replica bag will have many of the same features as the original bag yet won’t bear the same marks, stamps or branding as the original. Most replicas are illegal because they are too identical to existing trademarks.

A dupe is an item of clothing, bag or shoe that is quite similar to another. Dupes aren’t scrupulous copies of the original because there is always something different in the dupe that will allow the company who created the dupe to say that it’s not a copy of the specific design in question. The dupe looks almost identical to the original designer’s product but, it has no branding on it claiming that it is, in fact, the original bag. A dupe is entirely legal because a patent can protect only specific designs like fabric, so a handbag or shoe design can be used by any designer, as long as that designer places their branding instead of the original designers branding on it.

Why purchase a dupe?
We can all admit that many designer handbags are flawlessly made to add to your wardrobe and will last years. However, not everyone has 1000k + lying around to just spend on one bag or one shoe. That is when it is a great idea to purchase a designer’s Dupe. Below are some of the best designer dupes that are well worth the price.

Hermes Birkin Inspired Handbags

Boy Chanel Inspired Handbags

Chanel 2.55 Inspired Handbags




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