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Unfortunately, there is not a magic equation that can make everyone successful and there are so many determinants such as environmental, financial, mental or emotional that deters us from achieving our aspirations and the progress that we crave. Some of us are cognizant of our goals, but we don’t know how, we don’t believe in ourselves, or we just don’t have the motivation to work for it. The second you conclude your goals, you have to work at it. If you follow these five steps to achieve your goals and be successful, you may get a result, and if you get stuck, you merely continue, and it is perfectly ok to change directions as needed.
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Step 1 is to figure out what you want to do in life and write down your goals. Make it your life goal and make this so essential that you have to achieve it. Step 2 is research. Researching is perhaps the most critical part of the achieving your goals, and it needs to be thorough and well executed. Beneath this step, I advise that you find anyone; whether it’s on youtube or where you live who is doing what you want to do, shadow them and ask questions. Research is the step where you will figure out if this is indeed what you want and if you have learned that, after shadowing, the goal is not for you, return to level 1. Step 3 is planning. If you discover that you need to attend college to achieve your goal, research different colleges and figure out how you will pay for it, if you will make youtube videos or write a blog, start thinking of contents and figure out what your niche will be. Find alternatives to things that seem impossible and do not be afraid to change your mind. If that school is too expensive, find an equally good school for a more affordable price. If you do not have $500 to spend on expensive camera for that Youtube channel. Rent one for a month or two and film as much as you can. There are just so many things you can do to achieve your goal, don’t let one small protuberance put you down. Step 4 is the implementation level. Apply to that college, start filming for your youtube channel or writing for your blog. Step 5 Make a Deadline. You aren’t making a deadline for complete success, you are making a deadline to execute your plan actively; if you plan to build a successful youtube channel, make a deadline of when you will upload your first couple of videos. Furthermore, if your goal is to commence taking college classes, make a deadline of when you will start school. Having a deadline will force you to accomplish your goal. Overall, don’t be afraid of hits on the road and don’t make excuses as to why you’re unable to achieve your goals. Nothing can stand in your way if you do not let it. If you happen to bypass step two and learn that the goal that you set isn’t your desired goal, after all, do not be afraid to start over.      


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