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You probably wouldn’t think that the way you dress could have a significant influence on how you feel about yourself, yet it does. We have all been around that person who is so confident that even when they wear the merest things or tell us, they have a bad day we don’t believe it because they have that exhuming confidence and take pride in their wardrobe. Our wardrobe can be a confident booster, or it could help lower our self-esteem.  Many of us have a few select clothes that when we wear it, we feel like we own the world. Have you ever noticed the day you didn’t have time to pick out a good outfit and wore something unappealing, the day commonly doesn’t go well cause your mood is terrible? Aforementioned is because, how you dress affects your confidence which affects how you feel about yourself and how you respond to your environment. Below are Four ways to look and feel confident in your wardrobe at all times. Even when you’re rushing, you can still feel wonderful about your style. Wear comfortable and undergarments that fit It all starts from the bottom. The first important thing is to make sure that your undergarment fits. You will not feel confident if you’re steadily worried about your nipples picking through your shirt because your bra is too small. Get your breast professionally sized and purchase the right bras. Wearing the right panties with the right outfit is also critical, if you’re wearing a bodycon dress, you will not feel right knowing that your panty lines are peeking through your attire. There are delicate panties made particularly with no panty lines that can solve many problems and they are linked below.

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Have all of your basics Nothing is more frustrating than when you have that one piece of clothing that you want to wear, but you cannot find anything to wear with it. This situation leads you to either throw that attire back in the closet or wear it with something that you don’t want to wear, and as a result, you’re subconscious about your outfit throughout the entire day. We have all been there and done this. Purchase your wardrobe basics, and you will not have any issues. Have that nude shoes, have that black shoes, have that basic white tee. Getting dressed will be much more fun. 15 Essentials to build your wardrobe Wear the right clothes for your body type, shape, and weight There’s nothing better than a successful shopping trip. However, that day in the mall can turn in to a nightmare when everything fits wrong or looks wrong in the mirror. Frequently, we purchase garments that are not the best for our body types and hate it. We often experience this problem when wearing jeans. Low rise jeans, for example, is more fitting for someone with more of a flat butt versus a woman who has a pear shape with a bigger bottom. You aren’t able to sit down comfortably when you’re worried about your rear peeking through your jeans. Similarly, if muffin top is your dominant problem, It is best for you to avoid low rise jeans that let your love handles sit on top of the waistband, so you and a woman with pear-shaped would want high or mid-rise jeans. A different post about body types and the best clothes for your body type will be posted later on the week. Image result for body types women Wear clothes that fit It happens to so many of us where we go to a store, we see a shirt that we like, but when we look at the size, it is not ours and its the last one. What do we do?  If the garment is just one size below/above from our standard measurement, we take it because it is just too cute to pass up.  When it comes time to wear this, we have problems. One, usually, if the garment is too small, we immediately feel fat which is pretty unreasonable when we deliberately purchased an item that is too small. If the clothing is too large, we do tricks to make it look like its supposed to be oversized, and that usually doesn’t work. As a result, that article sits in your closet until your next closet purge. It can be difficult to resist the urge to pass up clothing we want, but it’s quite best not to purchase something that is not your size. You will honestly not feel confident in it.


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