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Have you ever had a bad weave? I mean terrible weave? The hair looked luxurious and laid after the first install, no one can tell you anything lol, but after a week, the hair gets matted, tangled and looks a mess. That is frustrating, especially when you were duped into believing you were buying high-quality bundles. Intentionally buying cheaper hair is ok as long as you understand the consequences and know how to take care of it. I have been on both sides of the spectrum where I inadvertently and deliberately purchased poor quality hair.  If you like to wear a quick weave here and there, you can get away with cheaper hair, but the cost of buying inexpensive extensions adds up if you wear extensions rather often. So here is my hair extension guide so that you can understand what you’re buying. It will be long, but it is essential for us to educate ourselves so we can avoid making grave buying mistakes. Grades of Virgin hair Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed human hair, collected from a single donor who may be Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, Cambodian, etc. The virgin weave is hair that has not been modified by dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes. Note that not all Remy hair is virgin hair. We will examine types of hair later in the post. When purchasing “virgin” hair, you’ll see many different grades. Manufacturers in China designed the hair grading system to demonstrate to their clients how good the hair is. Typically, the higher the grade, the higher the quality of the hair. 4A and 5A Grade This is the lowest grade of hair and is usually sold at beauty supply stores. Those extensions sheds and tangles extensively.   6A  Grade Advertised as: Grade 6A 100% Brazilian Natural Straight Virgin Hair Weave 1B Color Slightly better quality than the ones mentioned above and is usually better suited for shorter and straight hairstyles. This hair can last up to 6 months if well managed, so you do get your money’s worth. 7A and 8A Grade Advertised as: Free Queen 8A Brazilian Virgin Hair 3 Bundles with Closure Body Wave 100% Unprocessed Human If you want to rock a long hair, I would recommend purchasing this hair grade. This hair grade is slightly more expensive, but you will get your money’s worth as the hair can last a little up to 2 years when well managed. A higher grade of hair will result in fewer shedding and tangling. Longer and curlier hair are more likely to tangle and shed with all of the hair grades but maybe less problematic as you increase the hair grade. To be candid, all the numbers and name to describe hair extensions is 100% marketing. I recommend researching the company. More than likely someone on youtube has done a review on the hair you want to purchase Terminologies 100% Human Hair Many hair bundles, especially ones from beauty supplies will say 100% human hair, make sure you familiarize yourself with real human hair so you can avoid being deceived. Wefts Hair wefts are usually single stitch or double stitch.  Double stitch wefts will have less shedding than a single stitched weft. Cheaper hair is ordinarily single stitched. Weight The average weight of hair bundles is 100 grams or 3.5 oz. Check to make sure the hair isn’t cheaper because it weighs less. Remy or Non-Remy: Image result for remy hair Remy describes the properties of the hair and the technique used to manufacture the hair bundles. Remy hair extension is considered an exceptional quality of hair because cuticles are kept whole and not stripped. Look for Remy hair with the cuticles facing the same direction to reduce chances of tangling. Image result for outre purple pack Non-Remy hair is the hair you will usually find at the beauty supply stores just labeled “human hair.” It is dropped hair that has the roots and ends mixed up, and the cuticles are not aligned. This hair is processed by dipping into an acid bath to remove the cuticles to reduce tangles and then coated with silicone so that it can appear shiny and smooth. When you buy this hair, the coating wears off after a couple of washes which causes the hair to easy tangle. You usually cannot wear non-Remy hair more than once. Virgin Hair Vs. Remy Virgin hair and Remy hair both are 100% natural human hair. The difference is that the donor of Remy hair used to dye, perm or bleach his or her hair while the donor of virgin hair doesn’t use any chemical products. Remy hair needs to be rearranged, but virgin hair always comes as it is. They are both excellent extensions, but virgin hair will last an extended time when compared to Remy. Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian There are many different types of hair on the market, but the most popular is Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian.  They all come in a straight, body wave and deep wave and more curl patterns vary depending on the type. Brazilian virgin hair is the best selling and most popular hair texture on the market. Brazilian hair is thick, soft, and is naturally wavy. Peruvian hair the second best selling and most popular hair texture. Peruvian hair is thicker and coarser than Brazilian hair. Peruvian hair is lightweight, but provides more volume and looks very natural for African-American women. Peruvian hair is relatively rare, so it is relatively more expensive than Brazilian. Malaysian Hair is thick or heavy when compared with Brazilian hair. It is much silkier and has a beautiful natural luster. Malaysian hair is obtained from the Hindu temples of Malaysia where women give their hair as part of a ceremony that declares their spiritual commitment. It doesn’t happen as often especially in India where most virgin hairs are made and are, therefore, more expensive and hard to find “true” Malaysian hair. Be very careful when buying this hair type. Malaysian hair is also an excellent choice for women of African/Afro-Caribbean descent. Indian Hair Image result for indian virgin hair Indian hair is similar to Brazilian hair and is of high quality. However, Indian hair is prone to become frizzy. Single Donor or Multiple Donor of Hair Single Donor hair means all of the hair in the individual bundle is gathered and is crafted from the same person. Mink Weave (Mink Brazilian, Mink Peruvian, Mink Malaysian, etc. Image result for mink brazilian body wave hair A somewhat new term in the market is Mink hair. The only difference between virgin hair and Mink hair is the durability of the hair. Good virgin hair last up to 2 years. Mink virgin hair lasts up to 3 years. Raw Hair Vs. Virgin Hair Raw hair is Virgin hair that has never been chemically processed nor has it ever had heat applied to it. Donors of Raw hair have never had their hair straightened or curled. It is the purest and most natural hair on the market. When purchasing raw hair, you are usually purchasing hair that is wefted from a single donor. If you buy three bundles of raw hair, the bundles may look slightly different because you are no two persons have the same hair. Single or Double Drawn Weft Image result for single weft Most human hair sold in the USA market is single-drawn hair. Single-drawn hair is obtained as a ponytail from a single donor. The hair is then either sold in bulk or wefted ‘as is,’ so the hair will naturally contain hairs of varying lengths just as they were while on the donor’s head. The problem sometimes is that the shorter hairs can cause the completed style to look a bit frizzy sometimes. When buying single-drawn hair, you may see the extensions label as a range of lengths like 12-14 inches rather than a single length. Single-drawn hair bundles is still a high-quality hair and do not tangle much. Double-drawn hair contains hair of only one length and is considered the highest quality of hair. As the name suggests, double drawn hair is drawn a second time to remove the shorter hairs so that you uniform hair lengths are leftover. Naturally, double-drawn hair will not have any tangling either. The cost to produce a double drawn bundle is much higher because the shackling process of removing the shorter hairs is much more expensive. Therefore you’ll pay more for it. Color Related image The higher the grade or quality of the hair, the better the hair will color Styling You should be able to style your human hair any way you want. Note however that straighter hair would not mention curl as well as a body wave. Well, I hope that was helpful. It is a long and tiresome process to find the perfect hair at the ideal price point for you, but please do your research. I highly recommend virgin hair as opposed to Remy hair and when purchasing virgin hair, be careful of marketing ploys such as high grades and mink hair because any company can slap that on there. If you have a bit more to spend, definitely look into purchasing raw virgin hair. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and leave any comments below Have A Nice Day


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