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How To Pack For Any Trip Or Circumstance Like A Pro

Packing is something that most of us do not like to do, the reason why we have such dislike for packing is that often we overpack our suitcases when traveling or we pack our items wrong when we are moving. Packing for any circumstance should be planned carefully, or it may end in a disaster. Beneath I will discuss how to pack a suitcase for airline travel, how to pack when you’re traveling without luggage, everyday items to bring when going abroad, things to pack for a road trip and the best way to pack clothes when you are moving.

How to pack a suitcase for airline travel

Packing for airline traveling is possibly one of the most stressful circumstances to pack for because you are limited in so many ways, and there are so many rules that you must follow. Your luggage typically can’t be over 50 pounds, and nowadays airlines are even charging for that luggage and even carry-on bags. Additionally, your toiletries have to be a certain size, so you have to adjust a little. Below are some tips to help you pack for your airline travel.

Woman Walking on Pathway While Strolling Luggage

Suitcase Packing Tip #1: Make a packing list

When you’re going grocery shopping, you’ll find yourself purchasing a lot more items than necessary if you do not have a list with you — the same concept applies when you’re packing for travel. If you do not make a packing list, you will find yourself overstuffing your suitcase with items that you do not need and will not use.

Suitcase Packing Tip #2: Plan a capsule wardrobe and choose clothes in colors that you can intermix with each other.

Make your life easier by packing clothes that mix and match well with one another. First, you must decide on a color palette and then make your list of clothes that you can wear within that color palette that you can easily mix and match together.


If you’re packing your suitcase with random colors that do not match with one another, your bag will be too full; the trick is to choose 3-4 colors that you can coordinate with one another. For example, if you choose mint, soft pink and hazelnut from the neutral color palette below, you can match mint with hazelnut, mint with soft pink, soft pink with hazelnut, soft pink with mint. That is four outfits already.

2.Capsule wardrobe options

You have chosen your color palette. Now it is time to make your list of clothes.

Capsule wardrobe option 1: Pack two tops for every bottom

This option is my favorite because if you’re an indecisive person such as myself, you may change your mind about an outfit when you’re about to wear that outfit. This option gives you a bit more options. Don’t go overboard with the bottoms. About 4-5 bottoms should be sufficient.

Capsule wardrobe option 2: 10- 15 piece traveling wardrobe

Example for a fall traveling

Six shirts

For Example: 1 stripe shirt, 1 shirt of any color, Grey Tee, White Tee, White Silk Blouse, Black Silk Blouse

Four bottoms, any combination of pants and skirts

For Example: 2 different skinny jeans, 1 trouser, 1 skirt

One dress

For Example: Wrap Dress

Four Outerwear

For Example: Moto Jacket, Blazer, Denim Jacket, Utility Jacket (Anorak)

Suitcase Packing Tip #3

Roll Your Clothes to save space. Lay two or three item of clothing on top of one another, smooth and flatten  the clothing completely to prevent wrinkling of your clothes, and roll them up.

Suitcase Packing Tip #4: Use Packing Cubes or Bags

Not only will packing cubes create more space in your luggage but it is also a very convenient way to organize your items. You can also use ziplock bags in place of packing cubes.

Suitcase Packing Tip #5: Bring only 3 pair of shoes

Shoes are typically the most substantial item on our luggage and the most overpacked. I have had to repeatedly drill into my brain that I don’t need so many shoes when I am traveling. The simple formula is a nude, a black and a statement.

Traveling without luggage

Traveling without luggage can be a pretty instance, but many of us are now forced to travel without them as a result of absurd luggage charges from airplanes. First purchase a tote or backpack with a generous size, make a list and strategically fill your bag.

Tip #1:Purchase a large tote or back pack

You can purchase these at virtually any price point, however, if you are traveling within airline, I recommend purchasing durable bags so that it doesn’t break on you while you’re running crazy at the airport.

Keepall 45

Tip #2: Make a check list

A checklist is even more important when traveling without luggage because you have to plan so strategically

Tip #2:  Use the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule

The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule is a handy tool to use when you’re traveling without luggage so that you have everything you need and you can add whatever item of clothing you want in each category. If you like to change your shirts more often, you could do 5 sets of shirts, 4 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses and 1 pair of shoes, or if you like to exchange your pants more and wear more shoes, you can do 5 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of shirts, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses and 1 outer-wear. Try to follow the color palette idea mentioned above so that you can easily mix and match your clothes.

Tip #3: Place small and delicate items such as jewelry or belts, wrapped in socks and tucked into your shoes.

I recommend storing each jewelry in their separate bags first so that they do not get tangled together, put them in socks and inside your shoes or just inside the shoe if you aren’t wearing socks. You can do the same with small belts.

Tip #3:Put your toiletries in smaller containers

Even if you aren’t traveling by plane, you should practice putting your toiletries in smaller containers to save space. It is best to purchase your toiletries in smaller sizes as well just for traveling purposes.

Tip #4: Group similar items in sealed resealable bags

Essentially you’re creating your packing cubes in smaller versions. Packing cubes are generally used for bigger luggage. If you have a bag the size of the keep, you can perhaps use packing cubes, or you can use resealable bags to organize your items. Using cubes or bags for packing decreases the space in your bag and keeps your pieces arranged very neatly.

Tip #5: Stock rolled clothing in the bottom of the bag

Typically you stick your shoes at the bottom of your bag, but if you’re carrying a tote or a backpack, you don’t want those shoes digging into your back. Therefore, I recommend stocking your rolled up clothes at the bottom and everything else on top.

Things to bring when traveling abroad

Traveling abroad is both fun and nerve-racking. It can get very stressful if you forget certain things. The list below is not inconclusive, but most people who are traveling aboard will need these things. You especially do not want to overpack because you’re going out of the country, bags tend to get lost sometimes, and you don’t want your most prized items getting lost, additionally you may want to purchase items when you arrive abroad, and you want to have room in your luggage to carry these items back home.

Person Holding World Globe Facing Mountain

Some items you will probably need when traveling abroad:

• Passport and visa
• Medications- especially for people who have asthma or allergies
• Insurance and ID cards (license, green card or anything else that can identify you)
• Cash, debit and credit cards- Cash is most important because you’ll need to exchange the currency
• Portable charger
• Sweater/scarf in case it is cold in the airport or plane

Things to pack for a road trip

A road trip will probably be easier to pack for because you can go back and forth in the car for extra items, although it can still get hectic if your things aren’t organized. Therefore; you should always use the tips above such as making a packing list, using different capsule wardrobe rules, rolling your clothes and using packing cubes to organize your items. Below are some things that you should think about bringing to your road trip.

Person Wearing Pair of Brown Leather Loafers
  1. Travel pillow and cups (reuable water bottle is best)
  2. Portable jumper cable- If you’re on the road alone, you don’t want to have to wait on a stranger to help you.
  3. Toothbrush/toothpast
  4. socks, hats, belts
  5. glasses, sunglasses
  6. sunscreen,
  7. under garments, pajamas, 
  8. razors
  9. deodorant
  10. Towels, Blanket

Best way to pack clothes for moving

Moving takes just about as much strategic planning as traveling. You want to make transferring from 1 place to another as smooth as possible. Packing everything such as your closing is still the best idea but how you pack those items. Below are a few tips and suggestions.

Woman In Grey Shirt Holding Brown Cardboard Box
  1. Remove unnecessary items
  2. Group clothing just as if you would when hanging
  3. use wardrobe boxes
  4. keep garments that are in drawers as they are 
  5. Use cardboard boxes for clothes that are not hung
Wardrobe Boxes

Overall, packing will become extremely stressful when you do not have a plan nor direction. It is very easy for you to throw everything you have into a suitcase and suffer later. Therefore my top 3 recommendations for traveling is making a checklist, plan a capsule wardrobe and using packing cubes. For moving, I highly recommend investing in a few wardrobe boxes to make your life easier. I hope this post was applicable and beneficial to you.

What do you think about the tips mentioned above and what suggestions do you have that works for you and may work for someone else?


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