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Image result for Clothing If you were given a 1-hour notice to get dressed and appear at an event whether it’s casual or formal, how long would it take you to put an outfit together and still arrive on time? Would punctuality be out of the question because there is no way you can put an outfit together in that short time frame? If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, you should seek to identify and recognize outfit formulas. Outfit formulas are intended to simplify getting clothed and ensuring that you wear enough items so that your outfit is never dull or boring. I find that when you have many pieces on, you feel much more stylish and confident in your attire. If you’re rushing and throw on a simple dress, you’ll look and feel chicer if you overlay on a blazer, cardigan or a statement necklace on top of it. There are many outfit formulas such as chambray shirt over white jeans or a maxi dress with sneakers, but those are specific. What if there is a basic formula for creating whatever outfit you desire? If you ever wondered how certain celebrities and fashion bloggers always look good and put together, it is because they follow the same basic fashion formula. I will tell you what they do and how to put together the perfect outfit for any occasion below. Basics When getting dressed, always start with your basics. These consist of your closet staples such as basic jeans, skirt, dresses, basic blouses, t-shirts, neutral or simple colors. Statement Piece Once you have your basic, you want to accompany it with a piece that will stand out. Examples are colorful or heavily patterned clothing; For Example, striped shirt, leopard print or neon colors. Your statement piece could also be a long or chunky statement necklace. A Completer piece A completer piece completes your look and draws your gear together. examples are a belt, jacket, blazer, or cardigan or a kimono that is currently trending. Accessories You should always end your look with accessories. These consists of handbags, jewelry, hats,¬†scarves, shoes, and sunglasses. Examples: What do you struggle with the most when getting dressed? Do you think the basic fashion formula aligned in this post will help you get dressed more stylish and efficiently? Why or why not?


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