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What are mom jeans? At one point, the high-waisted mom jeans were viewed as unstylish or unflattering but today they are a significant trend, and I am wondering as well as many of you, how long this trend will last and if mom jeans will stick around for a while. What I love about this trend is that it is very flattering on many sized and body types. If you are wondering where to start to get your hand on this trend, I will tell you all about it below:

Mom Jeans Definition

Mom Jeans are high-waisted women’s jeans that were fashionable in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Not to be confused with Mom Jean Bands which is an actual band. Mom jeans are High- waisted, they long back pockets, and they fit loosely around the zipper and leg area.

Where can you buy mom jeans?

You can buy mom jeans virtually anywhere based on your body type and size. Some of the best stores to purchase these trendy jeans are Zara, American Eagle, Target, Hollister and Urban Outfitter.

3 of The Best “high waisted” Mom Jeans

The most flattering mom jeans are usually a bit tighter around the hips and, high-waisted. There are many to choose from and at many price points. Three of the best ones are below:

Mom jeans for plus size women

Target has terrific, affordable plus size mom jeans at just $22.00, American eagle at $37.50 and they are both equally well made and flattering.

Mom jean shorts “Mom Shorts”

Mom shorts, also called mom jeans shorts or Bermuda shorts, are a high waisted vintage jean. Mom shorts fluctuate in length, but they’re typically cut just over the knee.

Mom jeans outfit

You can style mom jeans just how you would style your regular jeans. My best advice is always to wear it with a shirt fully or half- tucked in. Add a belt to elevate the look and make it chicer. Mom jeans generally look dull. Therefore; a feminine blouse instantly makes your outfit look feminine and chic like here.

Cheap and High-Quality Mom Jeans

Let’s face it; A good pair of jeans are expensive. However; you do not have to break the bank, especially for a trend that may not last. My goal is to always find high-quality, well-made items at an affordable price point for you guys. Target, particularly famous for their affordable, high-quality jeans have mom jeans starting at $22.00 and American-eagle also very popular for their quality clothes, has mom jeans starting at $29.00. Take a look here:

Below are some mom jeans from my favorite brands:

Mom jeans American Eagle

American Eagle jeans are top notch, and they are priced pretty reasonably. All of their clothes are incredibly well-made, very cute and very comfortable. They have an extensive selection of jeans in many styles. American Eagle jeans are also flattering on every body type.

Mom jeans target

Target is one of those stores you go into only with the intention of buying one thing, but inevitably you walk out with a cart full of items. Usually, that cart will consist of many pieces of clothes as well. Right now, Target is killing it in the fashion department, and unlike some stores that have some quality clothes and some bad, their quality of clothes, especially jeans is always, on point.

Mom jeans Zara

Zara has an outstanding selection quality of jeans with amazing washes. Many of their jeans have a nice stretchy fit that will look very flattering on women with curves. Additionally, Zara sells unique pieces of clothing you will not find at many other stores.

Mom jeans Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitter has the perfect street style clothing for everyday wear. Carry a lot of brands and they choose pieces that are incredibly trendy and attractive. Urban Outfitters can be a bit expensive, but I recommend their clothing because the quality is fantastic.

Mom jeans Hollister

All the clothes at Hollister are well-made and soft. If you are incredibly petite, their jeans are perfect for you. Hollister has a varied selection of jeans that are usually above $44.00, but they always have huge sales such as buy 1 get 1 free sale that is happening currently.

Are you into the mom jean trend? Whats your favorite wash, style and color?


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