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Image result for messy shoes closet How many pairs of shoes do you own? Me? A ton and a big thing I have always struggled with is organizing my shoes.  When I add them to the bottom of the closet, I find myself stepping on them or just tossing them on top of another when I get home. Historically, I have purchased those 36 pairs of shoe racks, and they either disintegrate after a short time, or they are too cumbersome and take up entirely too much space that I can use for other things.  I was in my walking closet trying to figure out the best way to fix my shoe organization problem when it occurred to me that I have a lot of wall space. I realize that if I can use my wall space to display artwork and mirrors, I can do the same for my shoes. There I decided that I was going to install floating shelves to organize and display my shoes. I went ahead and purchased the materials I needed which were a very easy process and created the most beautiful 5-row floating shoe shelf. I will tell you exactly how to build this simple and inexpensive DIY shoe shelf underneath. MATERIALS NEEDED Rubbermaid 10 in. x 36 in. White Laminated Wood Shelf $6.98 Homedepot Everbilt 8 in. x 10 in. White Shelf Bracket $1.98 Homedepot Everbilt #7 x 1-1/4 in. and #7 x 1/2 in. Gray Shelf Bracket Screw Kit (12-Pack) 98 cents Homedepot Screwdriver Either manual or electronic depending on your preference TIPS If you choose to purchase these materials from Home Depot as well, I   recommend ordering the materials online and picking them up at the store. Home Depot is tremendous and I like to avoid the hassle. There are many ways you can add the shelves to the wall; I recommend adding the shelving brackets to the wall first and then adding the shelf. I found a picture that depicts this project very well. Your final results should look similar to the following photo with shoes in it Keep your shoes on point with adjustable shelving like Organized Living freedomRail. Move the shelves as the seasons change to accommodate different shoes like riding boots and flats and always be one step ahead. Visit Organized Living today for more helpful tips. I can’t even express how valuable this new shoe shelf change has made to my closet and my life.  My closet now feels so clean and organized. When I come home, I merely set my shoes on the shelf, and there is no longer a heap of shoes on my closet floor.  If you choose to create this project for yourself, understand that you don’t have to make your shoe shelf the same size as mine. The 10 x36 inch wood holds 5 pairs of shoes. If your space is notably small, you can purchase a smaller wood size and add more shelves to fit your closet. If you’re looking for a smooth and functional way to keep your shoes organized, a floating shelf is a simple, innovative way to store and showcase your shoes simultaneously. Enjoy and Good Luck! Do you have any personal fantastic ideas for organizing shoes?  Comment Below!


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