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As we welcome in a new year, it’s also time to embrace and welcome a new set of trends. In 2017 fashion trends were geared more towards clothes that were classic, timeless and that you could wear during any season. For example; Plaid and animal print has never been out of style, kitten and block heels are an excellent option for you if you’re on your feet all day or cannot stand to wear very high heels. Furthermore, you need everyday basics in your closet, we can wear bold colors, and graphic tee’s whenever we want, thus its safe to say that 2018 trends were the best because you did not waste your money buying them. 2019 fashion trends seem to be promising as well.

2019 fashion trends include beige or neutrals that is always in trend and is urged if you want to look expensive on a budget, Tie-dye which doesn’t only cover your typically bright neon colors. Therefore you can choose the specific design that fits you; you can either go bright or neutral with it. Furthermore, 2019 trends include hats, bold, colorful suits, florals just as we saw last year, stripes, colorful plaid, satin, and pleats.


Who doesn’t love the beige? The better question is that, who does the beige color not flatter? Whenever you think of neutrals, you probably think of beige first, and the astonishing thing about this color is that you can modify it to fit your skin town or the specific shade that you like the most.

Tie Dye

It seems tie-dye will replace your pastels in the spring. Fortunately, you don’t have to stick to the colorful tie-dye shirts; you can rock any colored tie-dye garment that you desire such as the brown and brown blouse below. This year we will see less of the casual, tie-dye t-shirts and instead will see more structured designs such as blouses and button-ups..


Hats are one of the accessories that many people shy away from because they only don’t know how to wear them. There is no better accessory than a hat to instantly, and immediately elevate your outfit. I firmly believe that there is a hat out there for every woman. You merely have to find the right style and fit for you and your fashion style. We will see a lot of hats in 2019. Start building your collection if you haven’t.t.

Bold Suits

The bold power girl suit came back majorly in 2018 in the form of checks, tweed or plaid, but this year we will see it in multiple and bold colors. You can go as bright or as subtle as you want like the beautiful lilac suit below.


Beautiful, romantic, subtle, florals will almost always be in trend, and every year we see it on the runway. This year we are taking it up a notch by wearing bold and bright florals.

Bold Colors

It isn’t just the bold suit that is in trend. Neon colors, in general, have started making its way back in 2018 and we will see it a lot in 2019. You can wear bold hues in a multitude of ways, either paired together or adding bright colors to a neutral outfit to make a bold statement.


Stripes were a significant fashion trend in summer 2018, and they are making their way back into 2019: notably brighter stripe and vertical stripes.

Colorful Plaid

In 2019 we will also continue to see lots of plaids. Except, we will see them in bolder hues, like bright plaid colored pantsuits, blazers, etc..


One thing we can all agree about satin is that it feels soooo good against your skin and this fabric is an instant way to dress up your jeans or any casual bottom. Stain started trending fall of 2018, and we will see it all 2019.


Pleats was a significant trend in Spring-Summer 2017 and have returned in 2019. Fortunately, many of us probably own something with pleats, whether its a dress or a skirt. Pleats can be a bit challenging to pull off without looking like a school girl or just more youthful than you desire. Therefore, I recommend adding as many layers and accessories as you can and be sure to tuck in your shirt always..

There are so many ways that you can style these trends to fit your specific fashion style. You can copy the exact way that I put them together or use my designs as inspiration to create your next outfit. Fashion trends are a fantastic way to make getting dressed fun and stores cater to every age and every budget. Majority of the 2018 trends have carried over to 2019, plaid, animal print, neutrals are still trending, and that is amazing because you don’t have to spend too much more money on new trends this year.

What is your favorite 2019 fashion trend?


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