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So you’ve been reading the blogs concerning essential clothes, shoes, handbags and you’re ready to renovate your wardrobe. You’re so excited, and you want to buy everything that you read about building your wardrobe. Before you do that, Arrest and read this post. It will be effortless to repeat the mistakes that you made with your former wardrobe because you’re hasty and can’t wait to try this new wardrobe building tips and you’re excited about buying new clothes. Below are top 3 common wardrobe building mistakes that you should try to avoid when building your wardrobe.

Mistake #1: You haven’t figured out your Personal Style

People who have a preppy fashion style like blazers, oxfords, colorful denim, people whose style is casual chic like their blazer with pumps, sexy fashion styles like to wear bodycon dresses, halter tops and casual styles like to wear sneakers. Now typically, every woman has or will wear each of these styles at some point in their lifetime, but there is habitually one style that most women prefer more. Women with a casual chic style are usually in between casual chic and sexy. They commonly don’t like to look too hot, so they dress down the clothing a bit. Find out what you like to wear the most and learn the appropriate essentials for that style. You do not want to reconstruct your closet with garments that you won’t wear. Aforementioned will give you the same frustrations that you had with your previous wardrobe.

Mistake #2: You’re spending too much money on low-quality clothing

Image result for fabric Synthetic fibers that create fabrics such as nylon, rayon, acetate, acrylic, polyester, spandex are man-made, and they are made solely created from chemicals. Synthetic fibers deteriorate faster than natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, silk, linen, and wool.  Natural fibers are more breathable and feel better against your skin. When you’re buying T-shirts, aim for shirts that are made with 100% cotton because it will likely last longer than synthetic garments. Synthetic fabric deteriorates much quicker, especially with repeated washing. “Pilling” of synthetic clothing is common. If you’re buying a lot of garments containing synthetic fibers, you will keep spending money replacing them after they quickly deteriorate. Two essential 100% cotton white tee will be cheaper last you months Versus four three tees made of polyester. I will also note that a high priced tag does not mean you are getting high-quality clothes. Check and feel the fabric you’re buying and if you’re buying online, read the reviews and choose natural fabrics if you are able to. As stated above, it is better to invest in natural vs. synthetic fibers. Some places to find good and affordable quality clothing with natural fabric for your basics Pact Fair Indigo Everlane Mistake #3: You’re buying into trends Image result for 2018 trends As of summer 2018 Ruffles, checks and pastel are some of the trending styles. Let’s say you’re shopping for your white basics and you choose only ruffle shirts. One, when that trend goes away, you’ll probably stop wearing the shirts as well and two if you purchase a shirt that is a bit more basic and classic you’ll be able to wear that shirt with anything and anytime you want without feeling like people have seen this shirt on you so many times. I recommend buying a couple of trendy pieces only after you’ve constituted your wardrobe with the basics that you need.


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