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Belts can serve as a completer piece to bring your outfit together or an accessory as an additional piece that makes the outfit even more stylish than it already is. A chic belt is one of the perfect ways to take  your outfit to the next level. Here are the 8 must-have stylish belts for your wardrobe.

Fancy Belts For Dresses

If you are looking for a fancy belt that will make you look stylish and luxurious at the same time, look no further than the Gucci belt. This belt has an excellent design and will virtually make all of your dresses look more expensive than they may be.

Sparkly belts for dresses

A sparkly or rhinestone belt is handy for many events such as a wedding, a date night or a cocktail. With a sparkling belt, you do not need to add any extra pieces to your outfit as it can only be dressed down. The belt will instantly, immediately make whatever you’re wearing look so much better. 

Slide View 2: Farah Rhinestone Belt
Farah Rhinestone Belt

Macy’s Women’s Belts

One of the best women’s belts from Macy’s is the Micheal Kors reversible belt priced a $48.00. This belt exceptionally well made for its price point,  and it is also reversible; thus, you can switch back and forth between the logo or the solid color when you wish. This belt will pair well go with practically every outfit on your closet. You can wear it with jeans, pantsuit, dresses; the possibilities are truly endless.

Womens stretch belts

Waist belts such as stretch belts make a woman’s waist look thinner. Additionally, the right stretch belt will also make your outfit look so stylish.  This type of looks great with every matching outfit, and You should purchase a stretch belt where the belt and the buckle are made of good quality, and you don’t have to repurchase it every so often. 

Image result for Triple O-Ring Stretch Belt
Express Triple O’ring Stretch Belt

Fashion belts for dresses

In your closet, you need a  statement belt that has the perfect pop of interest, and that will go with everything you wear. The ideal belt to accomplish this goal is an animal print belt such as the leopard print belt below.  It is the perfect belt to add a stylish accent to a simple dress or even a t-shirt and jeans.

Womens belts for jeans

The trendy double circle belt is the perfect belt for Jeans. It will look good on all types of denim where it is high, mid or low wise. This belt slightly mimics the Gucci belt style but is much more affordable and does not lack in quality.

Women’s wide leather belts

A wide belt such as the belt below with bold gold hardware will make your outfit look very classy and will complement the waistline of any woman.

What is a must-have belt in your closet?


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