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Wardrobe basics are closet staples that make up the foundation of your wardrobe.  If you have a difficult time getting dressed or finding things to match, chances are you don’t have all of your wardrobe essentials. It is imperative that you start developing or reconstituting your closet with the basics first before moving on to trendy pieces. Trendy pieces are inclined to change the next season, therefore do not rely on them to develop your closet or getting dressed will be a frustrating chore.  Purchase these basics with pieces that fit your style. You may opt for a crewneck vs. a v-neck t-shit, you may choose a silk button-down shirt vs. cotton, or you may pick a crewneck versus a classic turtleneck. There are many ways you can mold the list of wardrobe essentials that you need for your specific personal style. Now, what are these closet staples that you need in your closet to constitute your ultimate wardrobe? To make it simple, I have composed a list of the absolute wardrobe basics for every style. This list is will be updated as needed.

TopsImage result for animated shirt

☐  Plain White, Black & Grey T-Shirt ☐  White Button Down ☐  Stripe Shirt or Button-Down ☐  White, Black, Grey Cami ☐  Cashmere sweater ☐  Graphic T-shirt ☐  Chambray Button-Down ☐  White Blouse

BottomsImage result for animated jeans

☐  Dark-Wash Jeans ☐  Crib ☐  Pencil Skirt

DressesImage result for animated dresses

☐  Wrap Dress ☐  Slip Dress ☐  Shift Dress ☐  Little Black Dress

OuterwearImage result for animated jackets

☐  Black Blazer ☐  Trench Coat ☐  Moto Jacket ☐  Denim Jacket ☐  Cardigan

Shoes Image result for animated heels

☐  Classic Pumps (Black, Nude or Both) ☐  Classic Flats ☐  Slip-On Slippers ☐  Ankle Boots ☐  Dressy Sandals    


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